Top 5 Hottest Korean Female Athletes of 2015

Seon-Ah Chae We never noticed until now how many hot and sexy female athletes are in the world of competitive sports. With all the exciting and action-packed games being played, it is very easy to get too focused on the outcome of the sports we play without paying attention to the athlete themselves.

With real time sports betting being available everywhere, we often fail to appreciate one of the most important aspects of sports – hot women in sports.

Seon-Ah Chae

Don’t let that smiling face fool you, she may look soft outside the court but she is tough on it.  She flies around the volleyball court and give her all to contribute to her team’s win. A staple on the national volleyball team of Korea, she is slowly making a name for herself in international competitions.

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Hot Celebs Favorite Football Teams

Jennifer Lopez and FergieSports teams attract all kinds of fans, including famous celebrities. Every college basketball fan is familiar with Ashley Judd cheering on the Wildcats in almost every game they play.

Here we take a look at some of the hottest celebrities that are big football fans.

We’ll start our biased list with a pair of Miami Dolphins supporters – singers Jennifer Lopez and Fergie.

Not only are these two mega-start huge Dolphins fans, but they are also part owners of the team.

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NFL’s Hottest Cheerleaders

NFL’s Hottest CheerleadersDetermining which NFL team has the hottest cheerleaders can likely be determined better at a corner bar than anything we can come up with here. But we’ll give it a shot, and enjoy every step of the process.

We’ll start by eliminating the seven teams that don’t have official cheerleading squads. Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Green Bay, New York (Giants), and Pittsburgh currently lack cheerleaders on the sidelines – no doubt the cold weather of these cities have much to do with that decision (although the Lions do play indoors).

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Top 10 Hottest Women in Sports

Top 10 Hottest Women in Sports of 2015Who are the top 10 Hottest Women Sports Athletes?

They are thousands of hot female that are either atheletes or a big part of the sports world.  Thanks to these beautiful women, they make watching sporting events even more enjoyable!

This is why we decided to make a tribute to the women by making our top 10 hottest women in sports.

We have decided to bring this up to a panel of impartial judges from online sportsbook operators to sports fans and guys in general to make the call on that one.

So here is what they came up with:

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Top 6 Hottest NBA Wives and/or Girlfriends!

We were asked to take a look for the women who run the other side of the NBA, meaning wives and or girlfriends, and that was not an easy task.

Adrian Lima married to Marko Jaric of the Timberwolves

A panel of men and women were consulted and that did not simplify the task as one might imagine, however here’s our list of the Top 6.

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