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Top NFL Cheerleaders of 2023

nfl cheerleadersGet ready football fans, because the top NFL cheerleaders of 2023 will take the field and blow you away! These talented and beautiful women have been handpicked for their incredible dance moves, infectious energy, and stunning looks. From the sidelines to the halftime show, they bring an electrifying atmosphere to every game. With their perfectly synchronized routines and captivating smiles, these top NFL cheerleaders embody beauty and grace.

But it is not just their looks make these sexy girls stand out. They are also incredibly talented dancers who train tirelessly to deliver unforgettable performances week after week. Their passion for the sport and dedication to their craft is evident in every move they make. Whether leading the crowd in a cheer or performing a jaw-dropping routine, these cheerleaders know how to keep the energy high and the fans engaged.

The dazzling outfits of these gorgeous girls are indeed a sight to behold! As they confidently take over the field, their attire adds to their already impressive presence, making them an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. As a result, some of them even make it to global news articles.

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Sexy Female Poker Players

Although the game of poker can be all about brains and emotions, beauty can certainly make an appearance at the table more often than not.

Indeed, there are a number of top female poker players around the world that have been able to combine beauty and brains together in a combination that will only make some of the mere mortals amongst us rather jealous and raging with envy.

However, players who go up against these sexy women when playing against them around the poker table should be on their toes, as these individuals are still some of the best female poker players to be currently playing the card game professionally.

Here are just some of the most attractive women that could be sitting across from you at a poker table near you in the future:

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Top 5 Hottest Korean Female Athletes of 2015

Seon-Ah Chae We never noticed until now how many hot and sexy female athletes are in the world of competitive sports. With all the exciting and action-packed games being played, it is very easy to get too focused on the outcome of the sports we play without paying attention to the athlete themselves.

With real time sports betting being available everywhere, we often fail to appreciate one of the most important aspects of sports – hot women in sports.

Seon-Ah Chae

Don’t let that smiling face fool you, she may look soft outside the court but she is tough on it.  She flies around the volleyball court and give her all to contribute to her team’s win. A staple on the national volleyball team of Korea, she is slowly making a name for herself in international competitions.

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Sexy Anastasia Ashley - Professional Surfer and Model

Sexy Anastasia Ashley

You don't have to be a surfing fan to appreciate how Anastasia Ashley rides that board when she is surfing. This sexy lady makes us want to get on the beach and ride a wave! Sexy Sexy Anastasia Ashely has been surfing on the professional circuit since for a long time and won the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award in 2003.

We first took notice of Anastasia when we saw her in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and again in the October 2014 issue of Maxim magazine.  We won't hold it against her that she is a vegetarian because we certainly appreciated her sexy PETA vegetarian ad campaign in 2006.

At the age of 16, Ashley won her first major national surfing title and later in her career, also won two National Scholastic Surfing Association championships and the Professional Surfing Tour of America championship.  In addition, she won the 2010 Pipeline Women's Pro in Hawaii.


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Hot Celebs Favorite Football Teams

Jennifer Lopez and FergieSports teams attract all kinds of fans, including famous celebrities. Every college basketball fan is familiar with Ashley Judd cheering on the Wildcats in almost every game they play.

Here we take a look at some of the hottest celebrities that are big football fans.

We’ll start our biased list with a pair of Miami Dolphins supporters – singers Jennifer Lopez and Fergie.

Not only are these two mega-start huge Dolphins fans, but they are also part owners of the team.

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Sexy Allison Stokke - Pole Vaulter and Fitness Model

Sexy Allison Stokke

We first took notice of sexy Allison Stokke back in 2012 during the Olympic games in London.  Ever since, we have been closely folowing her career and we must say that we are impressed.  After she retired from track and field, Allison became a sportswear model appearing commercials for Nike, Athelta, Uniqglo and GoPro.

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