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NFL’s Hottest Cheerleaders

NFL’s Hottest CheerleadersDetermining which NFL team has the hottest cheerleaders can likely be determined better at a corner bar than anything we can come up with here. But we’ll give it a shot, and enjoy every step of the process.

We’ll start by eliminating the seven teams that don’t have official cheerleading squads. Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Green Bay, New York (Giants), and Pittsburgh currently lack cheerleaders on the sidelines – no doubt the cold weather of these cities have much to do with that decision (although the Lions do play indoors).

From there, it’s really a question of one’s preference. Little argument can be made that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the most nationally recognized in the NFL, making several appearances on television other non-football related events.

They might have more to cheer about this season, as Dallas is currently the third choice to win the NFC at this online sportsbook behind Green Bay and Seattle, returning a 6:1 payout of they reach the Super Bowl.

Cheerleaders are in the news out west, as the state of California made them employeesfor purposes of minimum wage and overtime. That means Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco and eventually Los Angeles will be affected.

Extra points go to those squads with clever names, including the Cincinnati Ben-Gals, Seattle Sea-Gals, Chicago Honey Bears, New Orleans Saintsations, and our favorite – the New York Jets Flight Crew.

As to the original question of which team can claim to have the NFL’s hottest cheerleaders, we’ve changed our opinion 25 times since we began writing this article. Check out pictures of all the teams and decide for yourself.

Now that we have determined who in our opinion are the hottest cheerleaders, here is some eye candy of the hottest NFL Cheerleaders!

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