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Our online gambling tutorials are free for everyone. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to players across the globe. Aside from guides on how to gamble, we also have tips for sportsbook operators whho want to find the right bookie pay per head softawre for their operations. Also, we have bookie tutorials that can help optimize the profitability of online sportsbooks.

We have online gambling tutorials for beginners and advanced players. You can find easy-to-follow guides based on your skill level. Check out the tutorials on the page and become a better player today!

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Guide to Fading when Betting on Sports

Guide to Fading when Betting on SportsYou consider yourself a man on the world and even place the occasional sports wager to make conversations more interesting. However, your betting knowhow came to an end when your buddies were talking about fading the public. Well, here is your chance to catch up on the conversation with our Guide to Fading when Betting on Sports!

Definition of Fade in Gambling - In gambling terms, Fading is slang for betting against a specific person or team. However, the definition will vary depending on the type of gambling you are doing. In casinos, it refers to gambling against the person holding the dice. For those that play poker, it refers to matching the previous bet.

However, for sports betting, the term “fade” or “fade them” means to bet against a team or handicapper. The theory behind a Fade is that everyone has winning streaks but like any streak, they will eventually fade. Therefore, it is just a matter of determining when it will disappear.

Guide to Fading when Betting on Sports – 3 Top Fading Strategies

Fading the Public – This is a popular strategy amongst professional sports gamblers that involves betting against the public perception of which team will win. The theory is that after the house always wins and that the betting public is wrong more often then right.

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How to be a Basketball Bookie

how to be a basketball bookieIn recent years, the legalization of NBA betting across numerous states, including key markets such as New York, Nevada, and New Jersey, has ignited an unparalleled interest in sports betting, primarily within professional and college basketball. With the convenience of mobile apps, becoming a basketball bookie is more accessible than ever, offering a unique opportunity to tap into the lucrative world of sports betting. Emphasizing responsible wagering, it is crucial to approach this venture with a strategy that prioritizes financial prudence and ethical gaming practices. This guide aims to demystify the process of how to be a basketball bookie, offering you a roadmap to becoming a reputable player in the NBA and College Basketball betting scene.

Embarking on the journey to become a basketball bookie with a bookie pay per head involves understanding the complexities of the betting market, from mastering the nuances of the NBA to college basketball. Whether new to the industry or looking to expand your services, this step-by-step guide is your gateway to becoming a successful basketball bookie in the ever-evolving sports betting landscape.

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March Madness Betting Tips

March Madness Betting TipsThe NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament comes every year and it is an exciting time of the year for basketball fans. With 68 college basketball teams fighting for the Championship title, there is a lot of betting on it. In fact, last year sportsbooks saw over $15.5 billion in wagers from it. In this Basketball Betting tutorial, we will go over some of the best March Madness Betting Tips and Strategies.

Unlike the World Cup, which is a round robin tournament March Madness is a single-elimination bracket tournament. This means that it is a faster tournament and strong teams can lose early in the game. Of course, during March Madness it does not happen often, but it does happen.

Before you can start winning betting on college basketball, let’s talk about sportsbooks. Make sure to use multiple sportsbooks to place your March Madness bets.  This is because it will give you more basketball betting odds to choose from. A half-a-point difference in the spread or the odds can mean winning or losing your bet!

In addition, during March Madness, many bookies offer an entry in the March Madness bracket with a deposit. Thus, using multiple sportsbooks can give you more entries into March Madness pools.

March Madness Betting Tips and Statistics

Bet on the #1 Seed to Make the Elite 8 – If you are looking for a sure bet or as close as possible to one, this is it. This is because since 2014, only 2 teams have ever been out of the tournament before the Sweet 16 stage. Last but not least, only one #1 seed has ever lost in the first round. Therefore, this is a pretty sure bet to make if you do not mind paying the high cost of it.

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How to Pick a Winning March Madness Bracket

How to Pick a Winning March Madness BracketThe odds of getting a perfect March Madness bracket are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Thus, it is one in more than nine quintillion which means you probably will not be getting a perfect bracket to win a March Madness Pool. However, winning your office March Madness pool is totally different matter as you just have to beat the other guys. Thus, this tutorial will teach you How to Pick a Winning March Madness Brackey and beat the competition!

This year, sportsbook pay per head companies and bookmakers are expecting more people to fill out a March Madness Bracket. This is because 38 states now have legal sports betting available and college basketball betting is as popular as ever. Therefore, now people are more inclined and have more opportunities to fill join a NCAA Basketball Tournament pool.

With this in mind, there are millions of dollars in March Madness Bracket Pools up for grabs this year. It’s just a matter of either setting one up for your friends or office worker or finding one to join. In addition, at the moment all sportsbooks worth mentioning offer several College basketball tournament pools with lots of prizes.

According to March Madness Betting Guides, most March Madness Pools will have an entry fee. The amount of each prize will vary depending on the entry cost and the number of entries. However, sportsbooks will usually give you a free entry to their pool when you make a deposit.

>> Take a look at our list of Preferred Sportsbooks to Join a March Madness pool

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How to Bet on College Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world with millions of fans watching and enjoying the sport. Even though the NBA is synonymous with basketball, it is not the only league to bet on basketball as there are several basketball leagues around the world.  Closer to home, College Basketball is just as popular and especially during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Therefore, with March Madness coming upon us, our basketball betting tutorial on How to Bet on College Basketball will come in handy!

Like many other popular sports, sportsbooks offer a wide range of options to bet on college basketball. Therefore, basketball offers many opportunities for gamblers and fans to make a profit from it. According to sportsbook pay per head, typical NCAA basketball season will last from 5-6 months. Thus, it is plenty of time for sports bettors to find statistics and patterns to help them win their bets.

How to Bet on College Basketball – NCAA Basketball Betting Basics

How to read College Basketball Betting Odds

Since this is a beginner’s basketball betting tutorial, we will only go over the basic types of basketball wagers. Thus, we will first go over how to read sports betting odds for basketball and how to bet on them. In this tutorial, we will use the American odds system as it is easy to understand and popular amongst bettors.

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Unlock the Secret to Keeping Bettors Engaged and Betting in Your Sportsbook

keeping bettors engagedIn the highly competitive sportsbook industry, keeping bettors engaged and betting is crucial. With so many options available to them, providing an experience that stands out from the rest is essential. Engaged bettors are not only more likely to continue betting, but they also tend to bet more frequently and with higher stakes. So, how can you ensure that your sportsbook keeps bettors engaged and coming back for more?

First and foremost, offering a wide variety of betting options is essential. Different bettors have different preferences, so providing a diverse range of sports, leagues, and bet types will cater to a broader audience. Whether football, basketball, tennis, or horse racing, bettors should have plenty of choices to keep them interested. Moreover, offering live betting options can further enhance the excitement and engagement levels, as bettors can place wagers while the game progresses.

Another critical factor in keeping bettors engaged is providing competitive odds and lines. Bettors are always looking for the best value, so offering attractive odds can entice them to choose your sportsbook over your competitors. A bookie PPH (Pay Per Head) service can help you stay competitive. A top sportsbook pay per head provider will provide you with the best odds and lines, ensuring that your bettors get the most value for their wagers. By consistently offering favorable odds, you can build trust and loyalty among your bettors.

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Why Variety is the Key to Thriving in the Bookie Business

variety is keyThe bookie business is a highly competitive industry, with countless operators vying for the attention of bettors. Bookies must offer various betting options to stand out and attract a loyal customer base. This tutorial will explore the importance of variety in the bookie business, the benefits of providing a diverse range of betting options, and how bookie pay per head services can help bookies expand their offerings. By embracing variety, bookies can set themselves up for success in this dynamic industry.

The Importance of Variety in the Bookie Business

Variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is this more evident than in the bookie business. In a market saturated with options, bettors constantly seek new and exciting betting opportunities. Bookies can cater to their customers' interests and preferences by offering various betting options. Whether it's traditional sports betting, casino games, or even novelty bets, providing diverse options allows bookies to appeal to a larger audience and keep their customers engaged.

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