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Top 5 Hottest Korean Female Athletes of 2015

Seon-Ah Chae We never noticed until now how many hot and sexy female athletes are in the world of competitive sports. With all the exciting and action-packed games being played, it is very easy to get too focused on the outcome of the sports we play without paying attention to the athlete themselves.

With real time sports betting being available everywhere, we often fail to appreciate one of the most important aspects of sports – hot women in sports.

Seon-Ah Chae

Don’t let that smiling face fool you, she may look soft outside the court but she is tough on it.  She flies around the volleyball court and give her all to contribute to her team’s win. A staple on the national volleyball team of Korea, she is slowly making a name for herself in international competitions.

Here are some women who break records and breaks hearts at the same time:

Hwang Youn JooHwang Youn Joo

Sports: Volleyball

DOB: Aug. 13, 1986

Team:  Hyunday

This Twenty Nine year old volleyball player, is turning heads whenever she goes up to block or spike on opponents.

She has been a fixture on the national team and it is a delight not just for the hometown fans but moreso for the fans who watch her live on the court.

She was part of the silver medal winning team at the 2010 Asian Games.

She was part of the South Korea women's national volleyball team at the 2010 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship in Japan


Hee-Kyung Seo Hee-Kyung Seo

Sports: Golf

DOB: Jul. 8, 1986

Team: N/A

The grass is definitely greener when this Korean Golf hottie is teeing up.  She is as beautiful as her swing and we have to take notice.

Hee-Kyung Seo is also an accomplished player on the tour and she continues to blaze her trail in the professional ranks.

Some of her career highlights include winning theLPGA Tour Rookie of the Year award in 2011.

She then went on to winning three LPGA of Korea Tour major championships in 2009, Seo notched her first LPGA Tour triumph at the 2010 Kia Classic where she finished six shots ahead of Inbee Park.

Cha Yu Ram  Cha Yu Ram  

Sports: Pool

DOB: Jul. 23, 1987

How can you not love Cha Yu Ram?  She is a hot woman playing with a stick and balls for a living!

Cha Yu Ram has been heating up tables (pool tables that is) and she has been a poster girl for hot Korean athletes.  

She has men turning heads as she competed in many international competitions including the WPBA. Cha Yu Ram is definitely a sight for sore eyes when she puts her sights to sink the next ball.

Jeanette Lee Jeanette Lee

Sports: Pool

DOB: Jul. 9, 1971

The black widow of billiards definitely deserves to be on this list as one of our hottest Korean/American female athlete. 

She is one of the most successful billiards player in the history of the sport and even at the age of 43, she is still as sexy as ever.  She has repeatedly won titles nationally and internationally and is a former number one player in the world. 

Aside from her accomplishments in the sport, she is also one of the hottest players to ever grace the billiards world.

Korean sports are very competitive and at the same time a profession owned by some of the hottest women in the world but lets not forget that they are plenty of other great asian females out there.

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