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BetDSI known to us old timers as Diamond Sports International  or just Diamond Sports is one of these sportsbooks that comes from the early days of online sports betting.

With over 15 years of experience in the sportsbook industry, BetDSI has quite a following for many reasons that include fast credit card transactions, decent bonus and a great payout system.

Even though the majority of our staff has played with BetDSI in the past, it was time to give it a fresh review as every football season changes a sportsbook for good or worst.

In this case, we thought we would give it a tougher review since we expect great things out of them and wanted to know why this sportsbook has not been rated as a preferred one by our members.

So we opened an account with a Nickel and asked about their 300% holiday bonus.  Well, it turned out that the 300% is one of those split bonus which means, 25% sportsbook, 100% casino and 175% poker.

We weren’t impressed and to be honest, it’s a crappy sign up bonus.  At least, for us it was so we turned it down and got them to give us a 20% cash bonus instead.

The rest was pretty straight forward and we blew through our bankroll in a matter of days.  One day to be exact and ended up losing it all on 3 bowl bets.

Of course, two days later, we were called again by their sales rep who offered us a 25% cash bonus to reup another $500 with them. 

We declined but what irked us the most was that their sales team is a bit disorganized as we received 2 more calls about reloading our account during the week.  Its fine to call once as it’s good salesmanship but to call two more times just a day apart is just annoying.  Especially when you lose your bankroll in one day and your boss says that if it ever happens again, they will cut your test funding in half.

So from this experience, I can see why our players rated this book high but not high enough to be a preferred sportsbooks.

In general, my opinion is that BetDSI is still a solid book and that your money is safe with them.

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