Copyright 2024 - 2010-2018 All Rights Reserved SportsbookSOS - Your Sportsbook Watchdog Sportsbook Review Sportsbook Review is one of the big online sportsbooks that have been around since the early 1990s and is part of one of the largest sports betting companies in Costa Rica, Bet CRIS.   This sportsbook has always received top marks from several sportsbook reviews websites and is one of the few sports betting operations in Costa Rica that take large wagers.

Bookmaker arguably has some of the best gambling odds in the business if you are a better that knows how to use odds to their advantages.  This book is under the leadership of Mickey Richardson who is the director and is a great place for sharp players.

Some of the drawbacks to playing at this book is that in terms of bonuses, this sportsbook is pretty cheap and if you can read between the lines, giving away a 50% bonus but having a limit of up to $300 is not a very good bonus if you are a large depositor.

In addition, they do have a loyalty program but it is only available to recreational players.

General Information

Gambling Services Offered

  • Regular Bonus: Up to 50% Free Play up to $300
  • Country: Costa Rica                            
  • Inception: 1992
  • Customer Service: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telephone: 1-800-417-3786
  • U.S. Players Accepted: yes
  • Trust Ranking: 7
  • Sports betting on all major sports
  • Live Betting
  • Digital Casino
  • Mobile Betting
  • Online Poker
  • Racebook
  • Live Dealer

Bet on Sports at Staff Review

One of our sportsbook reviewers opened an account last June and decided right away to fund his account via his credit card.  He decided that there was no need to wait for their sales department to contact him since he was only going to make a $300 deposit and knew there was no point in haggling for a larger bonus.

He did contact their customer service department asking for his 30% bonus and he received it after he emailed them his credit card info, which is basically a copy of his ID and front and bakc of his credit card.

After three week of playing and making a tidy profit betting on MLB Baseball, he had a balance just over of $3,500 and had met his rollover.  He asked for a payout of $3,000 and promptly received it within 48 hours.  When he asked about redeeming his Bet Points from his loyalty program, he was told that since he is a professional player, he was not eliglbe for their loyalty program.  He of course argued about the matter, telling them that he is not one and that he just got lucky and how they could tell he was a professional as he did not even buy points and he just got lucky winning a 3 team parlay.

They told him that this is what she was told and that the matter was closed.  He will definitively kee his betting account at Bookmaker because they do have some of the best gambling lines but he would not recommend them for anyone other than big bettors.

Bottom line, if you are a sharp player, go for it s you will find that they will take your action.  If you are looking for a reliable sportsbook for your sports betting action that is more for the recreational player with competitive sportsbook bonuses, we recommend using or one of our preferred sportsbooks.

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