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downloadAre you looking for the cheapest sportsbooks pay per head on the market today? No other PPH provider can go as low as with its $1 per active player rate. Thus, today we feature the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review.

Things are not going in favor of How can an online business allow its domain to expire? Fortunately, we managed to make an account with them before their domain expired, bringing down the website. offers services for people who want to open a bookie business. They can customize the features and prices for operations of all sizes. So whether you have a small sportsbook of ten players or a considerable operator of more than a hundred players, can accommodate you and your bookie business.


Inception: 2007

Price: $1 and up

Services: Bookie pay per head, sportsbook pay per head, casino pay per head

Products: sports betting platform, live betting, live and digital casino, horse racing

Customer Service for sportsbook players: Yes

Private Website: Available upon request

Private Toll Free Number: Available upon request

Software: DGS

Network: Guaranteed uptime of 99.99 percent with redundancy 

Security: Modern encryption system

Lines: Available for all major sports around the world

Bookie Pay Per Head Service offers pay per head sportsbook solutions for people who want to open a bookie business.

Player Gambling Options

The sportsbook pay per head solution feature the different player gambling options:

  • Sports Wagering
  • Live Sports Wagering
  • Online Casino
  • Commercial Live Betting
  • Racebook
  • Live Casino
  • Custom Website

Features of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software

Here are the features of the sportsbook PPH software:

  • Mobile Support
  • Full control of Players Settings
  • Several Payment Options
  • Redundant Servers
  • 99.99 Percent Uptime
  • Custom Features
  • Multiple Language Support Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

When we registered for an account in June of 2022, we only needed to submit an online application form. Then, we had to wait for them to contact us to complete the process. It took three days to get a response from their team.

However, signing up for an account during the last week of July is impossible. Someone from their team forgot to renew their domain. As a result, you’ll get the generic GoDaddy landing page for expired domains. We checked its domain registration status and discovered it expired on July 18.

The Sports Betting Management Software

Its bookie interface is straightforward. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Also, they guarantee an uptime rate of 99 percent. Although their website is down, we can still use its sportsbooks pay per head services.

On the downside, you’ll get the bare minimum to run a sportsbook when you choose the $1 per player package. However, you will pay a lot more if you need more features, such as live casino games and in-gaming betting. On the other hand, the best bookie pay per head has all you need for as low as $5 per head.

The Player Betting Interface

It seems like the company is having trouble with its servers. The player interface timed out the first time we used it. Most of the time, the sports betting platform has a slow loading speed. That is not a good thing, especially if you offer live betting. Rating: 1 out of 5

How can you trust a PPH provider with an expired website? That should give you an impression of what type of service you can expect from the company. However, if you are looking for a reliable pay per head provider, you should use instead.

Start a bookie business with today!


Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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