Copyright 2024 - 2010-2018 All Rights Reserved SportsbookSOS - Your Sportsbook Watchdog Pay-Per-Head Review Pay-Per-Head ReviewOn the average, we receive about 5-10 emails per months where people are interested in opening their own sportsbook or online casino and want help about which software to use and the costs involved in opening their own online gambling website.

So we thought we would add a new sportsbook software section to our reviews.  As soon as we decided to add this section, the first company that came to mind was, a company that has been around for about four years that has become a competitive power in the sports betting software world. has offices in the Philippines and Costa Rica and offers a sports betting software with many features that makes it very competitive in the sportsbook software industry such as single player account and e-wallet across all sales channels, integrated gaming services for multiple sales channels comprehensive back office application and much more.

Everyone has has ever attempted to open a sportsbook in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world knows that it is a high cost start-up operation. Since most sports wagering software cost around $350,000 and up purchase it out right or around $7,500 per month for the license, most individuals are not able to afford it right away.  This in turn makes the sale of the software a very slow process.

To keep the company in the black, Bwager offers a Pay-Per-Head service to individuals who are looking to either open their own sports betting online operation or for gambling agents who are looking to make a higher profit from their players.

Since we were not ready to open our own online sportsbook, we decided instead to have some of the people that have reached out to us to try it out and here is what we found out.

In September of 2017, and entered a technology exchange partnership. This entailed Bwager getting access to the PPH software. In addition, would have access to the sports betting platform codes to improve their own Pay Per Head Platform

Pay-Per-Head Prices

Bwager Pay Per Head ReviewOn the average most PH companies will charge $5 to $25 per player with the cost varying depending on what features they want to receive for players.  Some companies will offer very attractive prices but with many hidden fees such as installation fees, processing fees and so on.

5 out of 6 of the people that tried the Bwager Pay-Per-Head service reported that they did not encounter any type of hidden fees that were later mentioned after the deal was made.  They reported that the price structure is very straight forward and that most ended up paying from $8-$12 per week for the package that suited them best.

All of the packages purchased included on top of the sports betting platform access to a toll free number for customer service, banking options ranging from person-to-person transaction to credit card use, online casino and live betting.

In short, the Pay-Per-Head Prices offered by Bwager are very competitive.

Quality of the Software and Player Experience

Bwager player betting interface reviewThe backend software and interface for the pay-per-head client is very straightforward and easy to use.  The software pretty much gives you complete control over your players from giving players limits for online and phone bets.  More features include giving players access to the casino, sportsbook, horseracing as well as controlling bet types and financial control over each player.

Various reports are also available along with access to weekly balances, bet ticker, open bets and much more.

From a player’s point of view, the player interface is easy to use but looks like any other sports betting interface that you would find at most books.  It is nothing to write home about but in the end it works and that is all that matters.

They do offer all of the most popular sports and leagues to bet on as well as financial and political bets. The number of sports and leagues available to bet on will depend on the options chosen when the PPH was first setup.

Overall, it is a good service that gives you exactly what you pay for with competitive rates and excellent software, service and features.

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