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1Vice Live Dealer Casino Review

1Vice Live Dealer CasinoPlaying casino games online for real money is nothing new, but a new twist has recently been added by some online sportsbooks – playing these table games with a live dealer instead of through animated software.

Playing table games online in a Live Dealer setting allows for greater integrity and transparency, as every shuffle and deal is done in real time via a live stream. And while these games are typically at a slower pace than the animated version, the pace is on par with being in an actual casino and adds to the realism and excitement.

I recently tried out’s Live Dealer Casino after a friend recommendation and was a bit surprised as to how easy it was to start playing, as well as the overall presentation of the games themselves.

There are five games to choose from – Blackjack, Blackjack Unlimited, Baccarat, Roulette, and Casino Hold ‘em. By scrolling through the different games, you can see what tables are available as well as a picture of the actual dealer running that table.

After transferring funds from my player account to my casino account, I was able to start playing immediately. My game of choice was Casino Hold ‘em – a variation on Texas Hold ‘em where all players play against the dealer (and not against the other players at the table). And after staying around even after the first ten minutes, I was lucky enough to hit a big hand and spend the next 45 minutes playing with house money.

Playing Live Dealer online has advantages compared to an actual casino I never thought of before. I could take a break whenever I wanted. I was able to watch the football game in the background. I was able to check my betting history (win/loss history) with the click of a button.

The professionalism and training was evident during dealer changes, with absolutely no time lost due to the switching out of dealers and all times staying on track. Betting was clear and easy to understand, and the “Rebet” button was extremely useful for wagering the same amount as the previous hand with a single mouse click.

1Vice Live Dealer Casino Screenshot

I didn’t really have any expectations prior to playing – good or bad – and was left with a very good overall impression. Having the ability to log on and play for 15 or 20 minutes from my living room is a great option to have (as opposed to driving down to the casino or catching a flight to Las Vegas). If you enjoy playing table games then it’s definitely worth checking out for yourself.

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