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Sports Betting Tips in Evaluating Teams with Young Point Guards

evaluating teams with young point guardsThe most challenging position to play in the NBA is the point guard. They set the tone of the game and decide how the team plays. In recent years, it is common to see a rookie point guard become the starter. We provide you with ways of evaluating teams with young point guards.

When it comes to betting on NBA games, you need to consider several factors. First, however, you should consider the value that the point guard brings to the team. He handles the ball most in the team, and plays go through him often.

During the playoffs, it is vital that the young point guard can hold up physically. In the NBA, however, players need to play 100 games or more when you factor in the preseason and the end of the season games, and they need to do it against the best players on the planet.

Evaluating Teams with Young Point Guards

According to sports betting software reports, teams play every other day, especially during the playoffs. That is more frequent than they would have played at the college level. That is a ton of actual strain, and its impacts appear on a lot of players.

During the playoffs, point guards’ bodies take a lot of damage. According to gambling software providers, teams tend to be more physical when defending during the playoffs. Thus, young point guards need to know how to handle the physicality during the postseason.

There are two types of rookie point guards you need to consider. First are the slashers who can take the ball to the basket. Second, they can tire quickly, especially during the postseason, because all the driving can toll their bodies.

The second one is the high-profile rookies and lottery picks. According to online sportsbook reviews, opposing teams could target them throughout the season. As a result, their performance suffers, along with your sports wagers.

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