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Enjoy Group Considers Selling LATAM Assets after Failed Merger

enjoy groupSouth African casino firm, Enjoy Group, contacted the Commission of Financial Markets of Chile to discuss the potential sale of its casinos in Uruguay and Chile. Also, the decision came after Enjoy failed to merge with DREAMS SA.

According to bookie pay per head experts, the April deadline for the merger between Enjoy and the firm came and went without action. Enjoy Group has been looking for alternative long-term strategic initiatives to increase profits ever since.

The news comes after a report by Diario Financiero on July 30 that Enjoy was selling its assets in Chile and Uruguay.

Enjoy Group to Sell LATAM Assets

According to sportsbook PPH reports, the corporation may gain from a deal if it sells its operations in Chile and Uruguay. Enjoy Group has been working with their financial advisor, ASSET Chile, to plan this transition. ASSET Chile aims to attract investors and strike a contract to help the firm thrive.

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Ukrainian Fencer Disqualified for Refusing to Shake Hands

ukrainian fencerUkrainian fencer Olga Kharlan refused to shake the hands of her Russian opponent. As a result, organizers disqualified her from the world championships.

According to Kharlan, she went with her gut. She also proposes a regulation modification that prevents the disqualification of athletes who refuse to shake hands with their rivals. According to regulations set out by the International Fencing Federation, a competitor will be given a black card and disqualified if they refuse to shake hands following a competition.

Kharlan had just defeated Anna Smirnova of Russia in the global fencing championships in Milan when the Ukrainian fencer offered to tap blades with her sabre instead of shaking hands. After Smirnova left, she sat down for 45 minutes to protest.

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VanVleet to Houston as NBA Free Agency Opens

nba free agencyFred VanVleet signed with the Houston Rockets as the NBA free agency period opened. However, most big names opted to stay with their respective teams.

Draymond Green, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Kuzma, and Kris Middleton stayed with their teams. However, VanVleet signed a three-year contract with Houston worth $130 million.

According to online bookie software reports, VanVleet was an undrafted player who became an NBA champion with Toronto. He will earn around $525,000 a game for the next three years. Also, the amount almost matched what he made as a rookie with the Raptors.

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Tribal Gaming Revenue Reached $40.9 Billion in 2022

tribal gaming revenueAccording to the latest NIGC report for fiscal year 2022, tribal gaming revenue reached $40.9 billion. It was an increase of 4.9 percent from the previous year. Also, the NIGC pointed out that the industry has an upward trend as they see growth opportunities over time.

However, the NIGC stressed that hasty generalizations should not be made when comparing regional outcomes. According to bookie pay per head sources, the regulator stated that several variables, such as the introduction of new gaming operations, renovations, and expansions of existing enterprises, temporary or permanent closures, and so on, might affect annual performance.

Meanwhile, the record-breaking earnings show that tribal gambling operators can weather tough economic times and contribute significantly to their local communities.

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Chile Increases Online Gaming Tax Revenue with New Law

online gaming tax revenueOnline gambling is about to be launched in Chile. The Ministry of Finance released new measures that operators must comply with regarding tax payments and licensing. Thus, the online gaming tax revenue will be more significant than the previous estimate.

According to bookie pay per head sources, the new guidelines would allow the government to increase tax revenue from the gambling industry. Also, the measures follow what policy stakeholders agreed on when the legislation was still being discussed.

The SCJ will supervise the online gambling market. Also, it will oversee the licensing process and activities of the operators. In addition, operators need to use the .cl domain. The SCJ will ensure operators comply with international transparency and security standards. That's how to be a bookie in Chile.

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NY Sports Betting Revenue Increases 42% Year-Over-Year

ny sports betting revenueJune is a crazy month for sportsbooks in New York. Although NY sports betting revenue dropped during the month, it is still higher than the same month last year.

According to gambling software solutions sources, New York online sportsbooks earned a gross gaming revenue of $103.8 million. It was lower by 31.7 percent compared to May. However, it is an increase of 42 percent year-over-year.

The New York Gaming Commission released a recent revenue report that showed a handle of $1.17 billion. According to bookie tutorials and news sites, the state had a sports betting handle of over one billion dollars in the tenth straight month. Although bets were down 14 percent from May, it is higher by 11.3 percent compared to June last year.

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Novak Djokovic Qualifies for French Open Final

french open finalNovak Djokovic qualified for the French Open final after he defeated Carlos Alcaraz on Friday. He is within striking distance of earning his 23rd grand slam title, which is the most in men's tennis.

The match was close in the third set. However, it looked like Alcaraz suffered from a cramp and started to move sluggishly. Fortunately, his condition improved in the next set after getting treatment. However, Djokovic had the advantage and won the match. He will face Casper Ruud, who came up short last year to finish in second place.

The first semifinal on Friday featured the current no. one and the most decorated tennis player. According to sports betting tutorials and news sites, Djokovic relied on his accuracy to win the match.

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