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Wimbledon Champion Elena Rybakina Doesn't Feel Like One

wimbledon champion elena rybakinaA couple of weeks ago, Elena Rybakina became a Wimbledon champion. However, she describes her experience as not the greatest. Also, she felt that she was not the Wimbledon winner. Her statement came after Rybakina didn't receive world ranking points after her win.

According to bookie pay per head sources, tournament organizers decided to ban Belarusian and Russian players after Russia invaded Ukraine. After winning Wimbledon, Rybakina should be in the top 10. However, her ranking fell to 25 after winning the Grand Slam title.

Rybakina expressed her frustration since winning her first grand slam. She said that it was her dream to win Wimbledon. However, she doesn't feel like it. The Wimbledon champion thought it was unfair, but she couldn't do anything about it. Also, she said that many players are paying for the organizers' decisions.

Wimbledon Champion Elena Rybakina

Rybakina deplored how her experience as a Grand Slam victor hasn't matched others before. According to online sportsbooks, she would have entered the Top 10 in ranking if the circumstances were different. Also, she would have been scheduled more favorably and played on better courts.

Rybakina, born in Russia but represented Kazakhstan starting around 2018, stunned the tennis local area by beating No. 3 seed Ons Jabeur in the Wimbledon a month ago.

And keeping in mind that she turned into Kazakhstan's most memorable Grand Slam champ, the ban on awarding ranking points implied she passed up 2,000 points for the WTA's Race to the Finals. So Rybakina should be in second place if she got the points.

The final eight seeds will qualify for the finals. However, Rybakina presently positions twentieth before the US Open, passing on her a daunting struggle to make the occasion in October.

Before the US Open, make sure you know how to satisfy your players. Make sure they don't feel like what Rybakina is feeling right now.

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