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Study Reveals that Sports Betting Would Increase TV Revenues

Study Reveals that Sports Betting Would Increase TV RevenuesThe American Gaming Association is doing everything it can to support sports betting and their latest study has shown that TV networks should seriously consider advertising sports betting.  The survey began with 1,500 Americans who were old enough to bet on sports and 500 of them were regular bettor.

The survey showed that the sports bettor usually watched 19 more games per season than the ones that did not bet on sports. This means that even though sports bettors make up only 25% of the NFL audience, they make up almost 50% of all of the watched NFL games during the regular season.

These numbers are certainly to have an impact on the thinking of television network companies as it would increase the NFL viewing by 36% which is a jump from 40 million to 57 million viewers.

 In addition, the study shows that sports bettors are more engaged in the sports than other viewers as they are more likely to discuss the game and their bets amongst themselves, friends and on social media than the non-bettor.

The main issue facing network television to jump on the game wagon is the law which would have to be changed in order to legalize sports betting on a federal level and be able to advertise sports betting content on television.

The American Gaming Association is obviously using this study to get big cable networks to support the legalization of sports betting in the United States as it could mean big money for them from advertisers. 

AGA president Geoff Freeman says that 90% of the American public has a positive view on the gaming industry and that with today’s monitoring technology, it is possible to keep the integrity of the game while allowing the public to bet on sports.

In recent years, the issue of legalizing sports betting has been widely publicized around the country.  One example is how Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner supports legalizing sports betting.  In addition, fantasy sports have also been mentioned several times in the news in a negative and in a positive light.

This study of course coincidently happens to come out right at the beginning of the football season which according to online sportsbooks happen to be the busiest sports betting season in the United States.

It is obvious what the AGA had in mind when they made the study and its release date; however, the data does support that by legalizing sports betting, it would increase the coffer of the network channels without displeasing the American public.

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