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New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle Continues to Increase in November

new hampshire sports betting handleNew Hampshire sports betting handle increased month-over-month in November. However, the $78.5 million handle was less than the previous year’s $93.1 million. On the other hand, it is the highest monthly total in the state for eight months.

Online wagers amounted to $67.9 million, while retail sportsbooks in New Hampshire took in $10.6 million. When we look at the total money made from gambling in November, it was $8.2 million. It is up 64 percent from $5.0m the previous year but down 5.8 percent from October's $8.7m haul.

Most of the month's wagering earnings, $6.6 million, came from online sports betting. Retail betting brought in the remaining $1.6 million. Thus, it is an excellent time to open a sportsbook in New Hampshire.

Regarding online sports betting in New Hampshire, DraftKings is still your sole option. It ensured the state's exclusive rights in November 2019. The decision to provide DraftKings an exclusive contract to handle sports betting in New Hampshire was approved by the New Hampshire Executive Council, a body responsible for approving lottery decisions.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle

DraftKings is the only betting provider in the state, even though Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill in July allowing for up to ten storefront sportsbooks and five mobile options.

With the quickest implementation timeframe and the most significant financial package, it plans to debut in January with its proposal to operate solely, which means it will return half of the betting money to the state.

According to bookie pay per head software experts, November sports betting brought in $3.6 million for the state coffers. This includes $2.9 million in taxes from internet betting and $711,830 from retail wagering.

This year's results in New Hampshire show that expenditures have decreased, but revenue has stayed the same. According to sportsbook pay per head reviews and news sites, the total amount wagered by players in the five months leading up to November was $298.9 million. Compared to the $348.7m spent in the same period in 2022, this was a 14.3 percent shortfall.

During that time, revenue hit $30 million. It was somewhat lower than the $30.1m recorded at the end of November 2022 compared to the previous year.

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