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Illinois Gaming Board Stops Betting on Russian Sports

illinois gaming boardTo answer the call of President Joe Biden, the Illinois Gaming Board stopped wagering on Russian sports. It came after the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thus, casinos can't accept wagers on any sports league, competition, or event in Russia or Belarus.

According to the Illinois Gaming Board, wagering on such sports events poses a severe risk to the integrity of the state's sports betting industry. Also, they hope that peace will prevail soon as per pay per head sportsbook reports.

Most US sportsbooks removed Russian sports from their board after the Russian invasion on February 24. In addition, a growing number of businesses sever ties with interests in Russia, as per sports book reviews.

Illinois Gaming Board Stops Wagering on Russian Sports

It's not satisfactory the number of Illinois bettors really were betting on Russia's Kontinental Hockey League or other Moscow-adjoining occasions, at any rate. According to Bwager sources, the Gaming Board tracks wagers set by sport, yet not by association.

Most would agree speculators in the state will manage. Illinois speculators have plunked down nearly $10 billion on sports since the real business sent off in March of 2020. That incorporates a record-breaking month-to-month handle, or aggregate sum of cash bet, of more than $867 million in January.

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