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Chinese Casino Magnate Expands in Laos

zhao weiChinese casino magnate Zhao Wei wants to expand his businesses in Laos. Among his plans are tourism projects and other business ventures in various parts of the country. According to sportsbook pay per head reports, Zhao Wei visited the Saravan province and met with its governor.

Zhao Wei discussed the possibility of building an airport in the province. Also, he wants to invest in tourism and agricultural development projects. The casino magnate visited several locations near the border with Vietnam.

According to casino news, Zhao didn’t say if he will construct a casino in the area. He plans to plant commercial trees along the Vietnamese-Lao border. Zhao is the Kings Romans Group chairman with a 99-year lease over the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

Chinese Casino Magnate Laos Expansion

The Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone is a tourism and gambling zone in a remote location. It is near the boards of Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. Before his operations in Laos, Zhao used to have casinos in Mong LA and Macau. According to sportsbook reviews, the former is a rebel-controlled area in Myanmar popular among Chinese gamblers.

Zhao rules over the GTSEZ. It features apartment towers and the Kings Romans Casino. Also, its primary clientele is Chinese tourists who want to gamble. However, it gained a bad reputation for criminal activities happening within the special economic zone.

In 2018, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Zhao for human trafficking, bribery, wildlife trafficking, money laundering, and drug trafficking. According to investigations, most of the illegal activities happened at the Kings Romans Casino.

However, the sanctions didn’t stop Zhao from expanding the GTSEZ. Apartment buildings continue to rise in the area. In October 2020, he started constructing a port that will facilitate his businesses in the economic zone. Experts expect Zhao will use the port to transport goods from China.

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