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Businesses Want to Increase Mobile Maryland Sports Betting Licenses

A House bill would create the framework of the sports betting market in Maryland. The Budget and Taxation Committee held a public session last Thursday and is a platform for people who want to open a sportsbook a sportsbook. Also, they want lawmakers to increase mobile Maryland sports betting licenses.

Female- and black-owned businesses dominated the public hearing. According to sportsbook pay per head reports, they want more opportunities for minority-owned companies. Also, they want to offer more mobile sports betting licenses.

Speaker of the House Adrienne A. Jones sponsored House Bill 940, and the lower chamber approved it earlier in the month. Jones stated that the bill would allow Maryland to level the playing field with its neighbors. Also, it would bring additional revenue for the state’s education initiatives.

Mobile Maryland Sports Betting Licenses

Jones said that her bill maximizes opportunities for minority-owned businesses. They can participate as licensees or equity owners. Also, Eric G. Luedtke, House Majority Leader, said that the legislation would create a new Sports Wagering Application Review Commission. According to sources, the commission would come up with a bidding process to prevent industry disparities.

The Office of the Attorney General vetted the legislation. Thus, it can survive any legal challenge that comes its way. Also, the bill would provide sports wagering licenses for six casinos in Maryland and professional teams that play in the local sports stadiums.

Laurel Park will also get a sports betting license alongside an off-track Riverboat and the State Fairgrounds. The bill will also provide ten extra physical permits to other companies via a competitive bidding process.

The bill provides 15 mobile licenses through a betting process as well. Some local businesses said that the state needs to have more mobile rights to allow female- and minority-owned businesses to compete with the rest of the field.

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