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Big Bonus Sportsbooks – Big Rewards & Even Bigger Risks

How to Play with a Big Bonus Sportsbook and Still Get Paid

Big Bonus Sportsbooks – Big Rewards & Even Bigger RisksEvery year, about 100 new sportsbooks are created and every year about 95% of these companies go out of business by the end of the NFL season.  These are the new and small operations that give out 100% cash bonus or even up to 200% bonus in free play in order to get started.

For the veteran sports bettor, that is an offer that is too true to be good.  That is because of the legitimate online sportsbooks that have been around for over a decade and have a reputation for paying their players’ winnings in a fast and efficient manner only give out up to 30% bonus.

Despite these facts, thousands of sports bettors are still willing to take the risk of not getting paid on their winning because they do not know anything about the offshore sports betting industry or because they are willing to take the risk for a large possible reward.

Even more surprising is that a handful of them are actually able to make a cash profit from these new big bonus operations for at least the first season and we will tell you how it is done.

So for the veteran bettor, throw away everything you get from sportsbook reviews websites and sportsbook watchdogs as this will no longer apply.  Do keep in mind that despite these techniques, there is still a chance that you will not get all of your winnings at the end of the football betting season and of course, you have to be able to get winning sports pick in order to make money!

So let’s get started…

Do not make a large deposit

Here is the deal; the majority of offshore sportsbooks are ponzi schemes.  They want your big deposit but when you do, it also places you in a category as a sharp player until proven otherwise.  This mean that your account will receive a lot of limits like having a betting limit and only being able to be on certain sports and certain types of bets.

In addition, they more money you invest in a new sportsbook, the bigger the risk and the harder it will be to take a large cash payout. 

So when you open your account, deposit around $200 to $300. This amount is large enough to get a 100% bonus but small enough to stay under the radar.  Keep in mind that if you make a deposit using your credit card, that there is usually a 15-30 days hold before you can take a payout. 

Betting Pattern

Most professional sports bettors will be a certain way that will in most cases involve hundreds of bets per week with lots of money line bets, lots of side bets and will usually bet on just one or two types of sports.

For small recreational books that offer big sportsbook bonuses, this is a red flag for them, especially if the player is winning most of his bets.  In most cases, the bookie will either,  pay off the player and close his account or they will lower his betting limits and take away the types of bets that the player uses to get a winning gambling average.

So if you want to get a payout without any hassle, you have to bet like a recreational bettor.  So do not make hundreds of bets per week and add a parlay here and there to make it look like you are not a professional gambler.

When to take a Payout and how much to ask for

Getting your Sportsbook PayoutSince this is a small operation and as mentioned earlier, this is a ponzi scheme.  That means that at least 60-70% of the money they send to customers requesting a payouts on their winnings come from deposits from other players done during that same week.

Depending on the number of active players the sportsbook has and the number of new deposits they get every week, this gives the sportsbook a limited amount of money for payouts every week.

So what you want to do is ask for a payout every time you reach a certain amount of money and to never ask for your full balance.  For example, you made deposit $300 and in 2-3 weeks you end up rolling over the bonus money.  When you reach $500 in your betting account, you want to ask for a payout of $300.  Since most new sportsbooks give you a free monthly payout,  that should give you an even bankroll and everything afterwards is profit.

Thereafter, you always want keep your account with a balance of $500-$600 or less until the end of the NFL season.  Whenever you ask for a payout, make sure that it is not on a schedule and that the amount will always vary as to not give away a withdrawal pattern.

Basically, you have about four months to make a profit.  If all goes well, you should be able to get receive about $2,000-$4000 in cash by the end of December.  Once the Super Bowl is over, there will be a mad rush for payouts and that is when a big bonus sportsbook or new bookmaker will start to:

  • Slow paying their clients
  • Lower the amount per payout
  • Go out of business

Some books will be able to stay in business until the end of March Madness and if that book can make it through the March Madness payout rush and survive until the next football season then you are good with that book for another season!

If you are one of those who thinks the rewards are worth the risks then you should try that offers a whopping 200%  bonus and is Owned and operated by financially stable company despite being such a youn book

If the risks are not worth it for you, then try or as these are two top-tier sportsbooks with a reputation to match.


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