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BetPhoenix Group Revamps Cashier to Benefit Customers

BetPhoenix SportsbookSmoother Transactions and Several New Options is at it again and this time, they are improving their cashier. After evaluating the Cashier and transactions platform, many changes were implemented to make transactions run smoother and allow more options to be integrated into the system. For starters, customers will see a cleaner and more user-friendly interface as soon as they log on.

One of the major changes implemented is the ability to process “person to person” payments within the cashier. This could only be done by phone in the past, so this constitutes an important addition to the platform for expediting the P2P process.

Another major inclusion, this time in the payment options section, is that customers will also be able to use “eXpress” -- a popular cash method that uses an e-wallet -- within the cashier as one of the newer alternatives in the payment offer layout. Furthermore, there is yet another innovative option included in the redesigning: the acceptance of CRYPTOCURRENCY, very soon also on the cashier. This change is intended to broaden the spectrum and coverage of payment methods, which is also why it will soon be integrated into the cashier as well.


Another major change takes place in the credit card section. Even though VISA and Mastercard have always been accepted from the beginning, they had a tendency to be easily rejected. This process has been readily improved and expedited to make it easier to accept cards from these major networks, and avoid irksome turndowns.

Additionally, customers with clean records that hold no fraud or negative card history, will be greatly benefited with a higher approval rate for services, bonus and contests.

Make it a note to access the cashier at any of the websites of the BetPhoenix Group, to check out all these new crucial changes designed to streamline payment procedures.

BetPhoenix Sportsbook and Casino is a premier operator accepting players from the US & Canada and offering a full service betting and entertainment platform.  BetPhoenix customers can wager from the comfort of their home or mobile device on all major worldwide sporting events, and have access to online casino games in a virtual and world class live dealer formats.

The improvements made to the cashier and payment processing channels are certain to result in improvements that will be felt in our affiliate's bottom-line profits. 

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