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Tom Brady Agrees to Extension with the Patriots for 2 More Years

Tom Brady Agrees to Extension with the Patriots for 2 More YearsTom Brady is a name that is synonymous with the New England Patriots and today it will remain that way for another 2 years. Brady with six Super Bowl appearance and four rings since he started playing with them back in 2000 is one of the Patriots' greatest asset and most football handicapping exerts agree that this must be a relief for the Patriots.

Brady and the Patriots have agreed to a two year extension that will keep him with the Patriots through the 2019 season.  Despite Brady turning 39 in August, the Patriots seem to have a lot of faith in him and Brady himself believes that he still has what it takes to bring the Patriots to another Super Bowl.

Brady is currently making $9 million for 2016 and will receive $10 million next year with a cap of $15 million and $16 million respectively.  This new 2 year extension should lower that cap while at the same time increase the cash flow.

Brady is still in the middle of the “DeflateGate” fiasco and will be heading to court this week where the league’s appeal to overturn his suspension will be heard in front of the US Court of Appeals in New York. 

Brady’s part in the use of deflated football is still in the air as to him being aware of the intentional deflation.  Depending on the decision, Brady could still face disciplinary action that would take effect in the 2016-2017 football season.

from the online sports betting side, this decision has no bearing on the next football season but from a fan point of view, this is big news.

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