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NFL Week 1 - Losers and Winners

NFL Week 1 - Losers and WinnersThe first week of the NFL is over and some teams came out strong while others did not.  In the end, the winners were the sports bettors who according to several online sportsbooks took the bookies for a ride with a 56% player win ratio over the spread.

On a side not, this week 1NFL Sunday took place over September 11 which cause quite a controversy over some players such as deciding to take a knee instead of standing during the national anthem. This led to a heated weekend full of controversy as well as some players losing sponsorship money.

But getting back into the NFL betting, let’s take a look at some of the teams that were a letdown to many fans, sports bettors and sportsbooks.

The Dallas Cowboys had a disappointing first Sunday when they went up against the New York Giants.  Not only did they lose 20-19 to the Giants but the new quarterback, Dak Prescott seems to have a weakness for the deep ball giving WR, Dez Bryant only one catch for 8 yards.

To add insult to injury, as stated by most football handicappers, they were in a position to win the game with a 57 yard field goal but Williams didn’t get out of bounds after catching the ball and the clock just ran out on them.

The Minnesota Vikings won against the Tennessee Titans and despite the handicapper’s predictions of a close game, they won by quite a margin at 25-16.  This led to a few sportsbooks like in the dog house thanks to spread betting!

However, they did not perform as well as expected as  they averaged 1.6 yards per carry and 31 rushing yards were a disappointment which makes us wonder how they will fare for the rest of the season.  Especially since Peterson was expected to take on most of the offense and failed miserably at it. If they want a chance at the top, he will have to work on his game.

The Atlanta Falcons and Buccaneers matchup on Sunday was a big disappointment for the Falcons who were a -3 favorite.  In the past 8 months, Atlanta has invested a lot of time, money and energy into building a strong team which so far has been less than spectacular with a 31-24 loss to the Buccaneers making it their third straight loss against them.

If the Falcons want to get to the playoff, they will have to learn not to lose heart and be able to make  a comeback when they are down on the scoreboard.  In addition, they seemed to be struggling in their defense the entire game and seemed to be collecting penalties like a 10 year old kids collects Pokemons.

Atlanta, you are our official worst loser of first NFL week of 2016!

Now let’s look at the NFL teams that set themselves apart from the crowd earning players some big bucks all around.

NFL Week 1 - Losers and WinnersThe Philadelphia Eagles crushed the Browns 29-10 and the no. 2 picks in the 2016 draft, QB Carson Wentz was a great investment as he played a game free of mistakes with a total of 278 yards passing and two touchdowns.

Philadelphia has a lot to be happy about and lucked out that Wentz was able to play so well despite missing the last three preseason games due to injured ribs.  If his performance is just a taste of what is to come, Eagles fans are in for a treat this season.

So, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Diego Chargers 33-27.  What made this victory great was not only because everyone expected the Chiefs to win but because they did an amazing comeback despite the Chargers walking all over them during the first half of the game.

There is no way to really determine who should take the credit for this win but we do have to give it up for RB Spencer Ware with almost 200 yards of offence.

And this is it for our recap of Week 1 of the 2016-17 NFL Season so catch us next time for more great and exiting Football Betting News from!

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