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5 NFL Teams with the Best Odds to Make the Playoffs

Take a look at 5 NFL teams that have the best odds of making it to the playoffs this 2016-2017 nfl football betting seasonThe 2016-17 NFL season is less than a week away when the Panthers will be taking on the Broncos on Thursday September 8, 2016 and all football betting fans are eagerly waiting to place their bets.  In the meanwhile most people are currently betting on the NCAA football bowl subdivision and the MLB.

If this is not your cup of tea, we thought that placing some early future bets on the NFL would keep you busy until the first game of the season so we present to you our pick of top NFL teams that have the best odds for making it to the playoffs.

Sure they are some teams that we expect to see in the playoffs no matter what like the New England Patriots but our football handicapping experts have added some teams to that list that may surprise you!

The Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to Make it to the Playoffs

Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to make it to the Playoffs for the 2016-2017 SeasonMost online sportsbooks currently have them at 10-1 odds to win the Super Bowl which means that they have pretty darn good odds of making it to the finals.  The only thing standing in their way not counting 31 other teams and injuries are overcoming all of the major suspensions that took place this season.

Martavis Bryant has been banned for the entire season due to substance abuse and Le’Veon Bell will miss the first three games taking away two of the Steelers best players.

However, this should not stop them from making the playoffs as they still have quite an offensive team which made them a top scoring team last season.

The Seattle Seahawks Odds for the Playoffs

BetOnline.agSeattle has been a force to reckon with in the last four years thanks to Russell Wilson and some of the best online sportsbooks like have them at 8-1 odds to win the Super Bowl this year and at 23/6 to win the NFC Championship.

They are without a doubt in a string division but once again, the answer is Wilson who has led to Seahawks for the past four years with at least 10 victories per season.  At the very least, they will earn a wildcard spot for the Super Bowl.

The Carolina Panthers

This is a monster of a team that wants that Super Bowl Ring and most major sportsbooks have them at 10-1 to win the Super Bowl while Bovada Sportsbook has them at +1100.  These are pretty good odds from the bookies meaning they will be seen at the playoffs.

The reason why they will be there is that last year, they won 15 games outright and this year are considered the best team in the NFC South.  Even though some football handicappers would argue that their defense has weakened with the departure of Josh Norman and Roman Harper, other would argue that their offense is even stronger with Kelvin Benjamin back in the saddle.

Packers Odds to make it to the PlayoffsThe Green Bay Packers Odds to Make it to the Playoffs

Most people will argue that the Packers have the second best shot at winning the Super Bowl  and the bookies agree giving them 7-1 odds.

Even though the Packers struggled in their offense last season, Aaron Rodgers is still arguably the best quarterback in the NFL.  In addition, Jordy Nelson is back from his torn ACL and it looks like they are no signs of any serious injuries.

Green Bay has shown that their team has improved all around this year using Rodgers at the center of their game and if possible injuries do not slow the team do not slow the team down, they are certainly heading for the playoffs.

The New England Patriots Odds to Make it to the Playoffs

Yes, the last team on our list is probably the team that has the best odds of making the playoffs and also that has the best odds of winning the Super Bowl with odds at 7-1.  They are good reasons for that which includes making the playoffs 12 times in the past 13 seasons!

Sure, QB Tom Brady’s four game suspensions will make it a bit tougher this year but it will certainly not be enough to keep them from making the Playoffs.  It is certainly a lot of pressure on the Patriots but they are not known for choking and winning 8 straight divisions in a row is proof enough for us.

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