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2016 NFL Preseason Power Rankings

2016 NFL Preseason Power RankingsWe are just a few weeks away from the 2016 NFL Preseason and some bookies are already touting some early lines on the which team will have the advantage.  Of course, we are talking about the NFL preseason and no one knows for sure how things will go as the NFL Preseason is usually a time for teams to work on their roster, test out the rookies and hopefully, stay away from injuries.

This year, the football handicappers have been closely monitoring the training camps each voicing out their opinion.  ESPN, the Times-Union and most sports news publications out there have published their NFL Preseason Power Ranking and none of them are alike.

Well, here at SportsbookSOS, the best sportbook reviews website, we pride ourselves in using our own Power Ranking based on the opinion of several experts in the NFL handicapping field so here is our list of the top 7 teams for the NFL Preseason Power Rankings.

No. 7 – Green Bay Packers                         

If one team needs to prove to themselves that last year was not a fluke, it’s this team.  Hopefully for them, this will happen with Nelson and Lacy back to full strength which should help QB Aaron Rodgers set the pace.

No. 6 – The Denver Broncos

Winning the Super Bowl last season did not make this team any weaker.  In fact, they are looking forward to winning another one despite losing some significant talent in the defensive area.

No. 5 – The Seattle Seahawks

We had considered putting the Broncos in the No. 5 position but with quarterback, Russell Wilson at the helm this team may just be able to make capture another Super Bowl.  Just remember that they usually let their defense set the tone of the offense.

No. 4 – The Pittsburgh Steelers


Despite the suspension of WR Martavis Bryant and RB Le’Veon Bell a bit beat up, the Steelers still have a ferocious offense that every team in the NFL takes seriously.

No. 3 – The North Carolina Panthers

Everyone agrees that the Panthers are in great shape.  Last year, the team pretty much dominated the season and with the return of Kelvin Benjamin, losing CB Josh Norman should not slow them down.

No. 2 – The New England Patriots

Despite QB Brady having to serve his four game suspension, the team still looks good with the addition of Martellis Bennet.  If they can manage to keep the injuries down, the Patriots will certainly win themselves another Super Bowl ring.

No. 1 - The Arizona Cardinals

The number one spot was a tough one to decided as it was pretty much a toss-up between the Patriots and the Cardinals.  In the end, the Cardinals take the lead with the addition of Chandler Jones, the defensive end and with Tyrann Mathieu back in action.

The smart money in the NFL Preseason betting is of course to predict how the coach will decide to bring out his team during the preseason and how much emphasis he will be putting on winning the game.  The best way to do that is to obviously watch the first week of the NFL preseason and learn from it by finding matchup advantages and apply the theory to upcoming games.

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