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Eastern Michigan Quarterback Ejected for Punching

Eastern Michigan Quarterback Ejected for Punching In the dying moments of the Quick Lane Bowl, Pittsburgh got the lead after trailing most of the game. With less than a minute left, Eastern Michigan quarterback Mike Glass III lost his composure and threw two punches.

It was third and ten from Eastern Michigan’s 40-yard line. Pittsburgh’s defense pressured Glass to throw the ball carelessly as he ducked from a hit. However, he snapped when he rose and punched Pittsburgh’s Cam Bright.

A couple of seconds later, Paris Ford confronted Glass to defend his teammate. As a result, Glass threw another punch that grazed the face of one of the referees. The ref went down, but it seemed like he was okay after, according to sportsbook pay per head reviews and news reports.

Eastern Michigan Quarterback Woes

Glass received two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that led to his ejection from the game. As a senior, it will be the last game of his college career. Also, Ford received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for fighting with an Eastern Michigan lineman. However, the officials didn’t eject him from the game.

Without Glass, substitute QB Preston Hutchinson entered the game with only ten seconds to go. His first and only pass attempt of the game was incomplete, and Pittsburgh held on to win with the final score of 34-30.

EMU was trying to win its first bowl since 1987. However, it fell short and completed the season with a 6-7 record. On the other hand, Pittsburgh improved to 8-5. The winning touchdown came from Taysir Mack’s reception, with 47 seconds left in the game. Fans from Pennsylvania to Raymond Cruz Costa Rica cheered hard for the winning play.

Also, it was the third TD pass of the game from Kenny Pickett. He completed 27 out of 39 passes for a total of 361 yards. Although Mack’s catch won the game, Maurice French led the team with 12 receptions for a total of 165 yards. Also, he scored a touchdown, according to online sportsbooks stats.

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