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College Football Week 1 Early Predictions

College Football Week 1 Early PredictionsThe end of August is near which means that the start of the college football season is right around the corner.  The first full week of the NCAA college season will start on Thursday, September 1, 2016 with 16 games to enjoy.

Of course, we are by no means downplaying the first game of the season which will take place this Friday in Sydney, Australia where the California Golden Bears will go head-to-head against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors at 10pm ET.  It is just that this game will just be a warm up to wet our appetite until the heavy game day arrives.

The online sportsbooks, the football fans and the football betting fans have been waiting for several months for this moment so we thought that some early College football predictions we in order to keep the momentum going!

College Football Week 1 Early PredictionsUSC Trojans vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction

What do you get when two NCAA football teams that each have a great offense go against each other?

Answer: A hell of matchup that will please all football betting fans to their knees.  This should be a great game to watch as strategy will have to win over brunt force.  The football handicapping experts believe that this will be an upset with the USC, the underdog, will let their offensive coordinator, Tee Martin out of his cage where he will show Alabama what he can do.

Unless Alabama can think out of the box and lose their safe mode of playing, USC will win by at least 5 points.

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Bowling Green Falcons Prediction

BetOnline.agSure, the Buckeyes are one of the top team in the nation, six of their starters are back again this season and they basically have a team full of elite talent but that does not mean that they will bulldoze the Bowling Green Falcons.

However, Bowling Green may be a small school in Kentucky with a smaller pool of talent but they do have sharp talons when it comes to football.  Last year, they destroyed Maryland and came close to defeating some of the top teams in the nation.

While we do expect the Buckeyes to defeat the Falcons, we would be cared about placing a football bet on the spread.  Instead, bet the money line for an easy win.

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