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2017 Early Heisman Trophy Contender

 Saquon Barkley Heisman Trophy ContenderOk, it’s a little bit early to be talking about the Heisman Trophy but since today is Saturday with tons of great College football betting action we thought it would be a good time to talk about potential Heisman Trophy contenders.

With only 8 weeks in the season, we and several online sportsbooks have taken notice of a few college football players that are really standing out this year.  There has already been some talk according to a few people trying to become a bookie that this year will be one of the toughest year to predict Heisman Trophy winners because of the quality of the players this season.


Last year, Lamar Jackson of the University of Louisville Cardinals so let’s see how he and other contenders stack up this year.

Lamar Jackson, University of Louisville Quarterback

This year, Jackson’s goal is not to take another shot at the Heisman Trophy  but to have his team win a national championship.  Despite it all, if voters can get pass his team’s performance, as an above average athlete he does have what it takes.

The last time this Sportsbook Reviews website checked, Lamar Jackson ranked #6 on the odds board for winning the Heisman Trophy this year with 25-1 odds.

J.T. Barrett, Ohio State Quarterback

Just a few months ago we saw J.T. Barrett struggling on the field to keep his starting QB position and now the odds are looking good.  So far, he has thrown 18 touchdowns with no interception over his last few games and can brag about having a 70% completion rate.

This is his last year at Ohio State and fans want to see him end his college football career with a bang.  Current odds for him to win the Heisman Trophy are at 10-1.

Saquon Barkley, Penn State Runningback

This year, Barkley is really standing out as a true contender for the honors.  In his 8 weeks of play so far he has had 15 carries for 108 yards and two scores.  He is considered one of the best playmaker in Penn State’s history and if all goes well he may just become Penn State’s second Heisman Trophy winner.

The sportsbook seem to agree that he is in top three and Vegas has him a 4-7 odds

Every year the Heisman Trophy award takes place and it is the one of the highest college football a person can receive.

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