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March Madness Final Four: How Will Each Team Fare

March Madness Final Four: How Will Each Team FareThe 2016 March Madness tournament is down to four teams that will be going head-to-head this weekend to see who will make it to the finals!  The stage is set in Houston and even though the public favors the Tar Heels to win it all, the bookies and the fans are not so sure as to who will be the ultimate champion.

If you haven’t already done it, don’t forget to have your TV set on Saturday, April 2, 2016 on TBS at 6:09 PM when we will have the battle of the No. 2 Seeded teams when the Oklahoma Sooners will be taking on the Villanova Wildcats who both took down a No. 1 seeded team to make it this far.

So let’s see what the sports handicapping experts have to say as to who has the best chance of winning this weekend.

The Villanova Wildcats are the favorite to win over the Oklahoma Sooners with a -2 spread at most online sportsbook.  In their last game against Kansas, they managed to defeat them with a aggressive defense that gave Kansas a low score of 59 point.

The key to winning for their team will be to stop Buddy Hield and keeping up their defense.  Even though they do not have any real star players on their team, many sports betting fans are confident that the overall consistent quality of this team will do the trick.

The Oklahoma Sooners are a well defined offensive team with Buddy Hield who is having an exceptional year.  In fact, Hield has been the best offensive player this year and an outstanding player throughout the entire tournament averaging 29.2 points per game and shooting 56.7% from the field.

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The big question is whether a strong offense can defeat a team with a strong defense when they take on the Wildcats.  The sportsbooks do not feel that confident about it with a +2 spread but if the Sooners can limit the number of turnovers, they might just manage to make it to the finals.

The North Carolina Tar Heels have been the favorite to win the entire tournament since the beginning with 5/7 odds.  So far in this tournament, they have destroyed every team they played against by an average of 16 points.

This lone no. 1 seeded team is on fire and having All-American Brice Johnson on their team does make a difference.  However, they do need to work on their outside shooting because if the Syracuse defense keeps them on the outside, it may turn the game around for them.

In the end, the bet sports online websites are still confident in their abilities to destroy Syracuse giving the Tar Heels a huge -9 spread this Saturday.


For Syracuse and their many fans, this could be a Cinderella story for them as there has never been a no. 10 seeded team has won the NCAA tournament before.  Right from the start of the tournament, they became a contended for the title.

Despite being the underdog with a +9 point spread, this team has shown tremendous resilience by never giving up when down so expect to see a lot of turnover if they intend to beat North Carolina.

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