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Yahoo Sports Joins NBA Alternative Sports Betting Broadcasts

Yahoo Sports Joins NBA Alternative Sports Betting BroadcastsYahoo Sports joins the NBA alternative sports betting broadcasts. It started last Friday during the match between Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers. Yahoo Sports will be part of the NBABet Stream, an alternate broadcast on the NBA League Pass.

The NBA has been offering alternate feeds since August, which was the restart of the season. Last Friday, analysts did play-by-play commentary while providing odds, in-game stats, and wagering trends.

According to, gone are the days that one broadcaster has a monopoly over games. At present, the NBA is providing an alternative broadcast for people who are interested in betting while watching games.

NBA Alternative Sports Betting Broadcasts

Advancements in technology removed the tech barrier for alternate streams. However, broadcasting rights put some restrictions on the broadcasts. The NBABet Stream was made possible through the partnerships between the league, Yahoo, and BetMGM.

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, the NBA and Yahoo have partnership deals with BetMGM. They worked with each other with Yahoo’s fantasy basketball. Also, they have a distribution agreement for the NBA League Pass.

A sportsbook watchdog said that Yahoo has a good working relationship with BetMGM, its sports betting partner, since 2019. Yahoo allows its fantasy players to create prop gets based on their rosters through the Yahoo Fantasy Sports platform.

BetMGM uses its NBA League Pass partnership to offer new players a free League Pass for the season after wagering $200. Yahoo said that its collaboration with BetMGM allows the firm to connect with its users.

In 2020, Yahoo Sports directed more than a million people from its website to the BetMGM portal. However, not all the people who registered ended up depositing money. Also, Yahoo leads among BetMGM partners in referring users to the registration portal.

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