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NBA Commissioner is Disappointed about Ja Morant

nba commissioner is disappointedJa Morant has been in the headlines in recent days despite the Grizzlies being already out of the NBA playoffs. He once again held a gun while being live on social media. As a result, the Memphis Grizzlies suspended him from all team activities. Also, the NBA commissioner is disappointed about Morant's latest mistake.

The NBA is investigating Morant for his actions two months after the basketball league suspended him for the same thing. But, according to sportsbook pay per head reports, the Grizzlies guard took full accountability for his actions. Also, he said he is working on himself.

Commissioner Adam Silver expressed his disappointment over Morant's situation. In March, the commissioner handed down a suspension of eight games. However, according to sportsbook pay per head reviews and news sites, it is still uncertain how the league will punish Morant this time.

NBA Commissioner is Disappointed

The first video, which cost Morant around $669,000 in lost wages, was released in March. The second was caught Saturday night and quickly circulated on social media. It was broadcast on Morant associate Davonte Pack's Instagram account, according to a source familiar with the matter who spoke anonymously because the Grizzlies have not commented on the nature of the current video.

Morant briefly seems to be holding a firearm in the footage uploaded by Pack. The live stream had 111 watchers at the exact instant — maybe less than a second — when Morant is shown clutching what looks to be a weapon while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

Morant stated in March that he needed to focus on himself, and after the season concluded a few weeks ago, he expressed similar sentiments.

Morant's five-year, $194 million deal extension is expected to begin this season. He has endorsement relationships with Nike and Powerade. However, Powerade removed a commercial starring Morant nearly immediately after the March video surfaced.

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