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Denver Nuggets Game was Delayed Due to Crooked Rim

denver nuggets gameIt is less than a week after a Denver Nuggets game was delayed due to a crooked rim when the same thing happened on Friday. Thus, officials worked fast to level a rim. According to reports, Robert Williams III of the Celtics caused the rim to become uneven last Sunday. It caused a delay of 35 minutes.

On Friday, workers used a wrench to quickly adjust the rim, allowing play to resume in the fourth quarter. As a result, the game was resumed in under 10 minutes.

Jamal Murray of the Nuggets had plenty of time to relax in the stands. While everyone was waiting for the game to start again, he snapped selfies.

Denver Nuggets Game Delayed Once Again

Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone told reporters after their 121-108 victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers that his blood pressure shot was "Don't get me started. My blood pressure goes up during delays.

According to bookie pay per head features, Murray scored 18 points, while Nikola Jokic had 28 points, 15 rebounds, and ten assists for his 10th triple-double of the year.

On Friday, the Milwaukee Bucks were defeated by the Charlotte Hornets 138-109. The Hornets' 51 points in the first quarter were tied for the NBA record and were a franchise record for any quarter.

The Hornets' 84 points in the first quarter equaled the highest scored by any NBA team this season in a single quarter. Terry Rozier, a guard for the Hornets, scored 39 points, while LaMelo Ball added 24 in a losing effort that saw Charlotte earn its second victory in seven outings.

The Lakers' 130-114 victory over the Hawks in Los Angeles sparked LeBron James' comeback from sickness. James led the Lakers in scoring 25 points as they won their fourth consecutive game.

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