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MLB Commissioner warns season could be suspended due to Covid-19

Lots of people were able to finally take a deep breath and relax a little once the first pitch was thrown a few days ago on July 23rd, in the Nationals vs Yankees game in Washington. Not only have we been waiting for some sports action, but what that meant was the first major American league coming back to action and that symbolizes a lot for fans and sportsbook owners out there, that are hoping for things to go back to normal, little by little.

MLB season is underway now, and many games have already been played, but not everything is good news at camp. The Miami Marlins were the first to set off the alarms, with several positive Coronavirus tests after their first series was played. Luckily, nobody in the other team caught it, and even though some games were postponed as a precaution, it showed that the pandemic is still out there and that things can easily change in this unusual season.


 Now we have a new case, the St. Louis Cardinals have two positive Coronavirus tests and their weekend series opening game was postponed. The good thing is, it’s not too many cases, and there are already some lessons learned from the Marlins case, that were applied to this one. However, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred already warned that the season could be suspended if more cases arise, in fact, baseball could be suspended as soon as next week, if any other tests come back positive, Manfred has the power to just call it off.

Has the MLB been following strict protocols?

Apparently not, and this is the main issue for Commissioner Rob Manfred and the league itself. TV broadcasts and streaming services have shown different protocol violations from players all over the MLB, not wearing their masks, giving high fives, spitting all over, to mention a few, and this shows lack of commitment from the players and teams in general. Let’s remember that as opposed to other sports like soccer or NBA basketball, in baseball there is not even usual necessary contact between players, unless a certain play requires it, so we would have thought it would be easier to control these things, but it’s not, at least not so far.

Hopefully, teams and players will take this warning and make immediate adjustments, so that we can keep going on, enjoying some good old MLB baseball like we all wanted.  If not, things could get messy for the MLB, and in a blink of an eye, the season could be over.

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