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Minnesota Twins Fire Terry Ryan

Minnesota Twins Fire GM Terry RyanThe Minnesota Twins are cleaning house after a having their worst season yet with a 33-58 record for the 2016 MLB AL year.  The first step they are doing is to fire the Twins General Manager, Terry Ryan.  Rob Anthony, the assistant general manager will take over his duties on an interim basis.

According to the Twins' CEO and owner, Jim Pohlad, the decision to fire Terry was "difficult, painful and not obvious..."

The press released that announced the release of Terry Ryan mentioned that the Twins have won the divison four times in the last 10 season where Ryan was the GM and that Ryan had been named the Sports News Executive of the year in 2002 and in 2006.

Baseball betting fans are curious about the timing of this move as the team has just finished the All-Star Break and it is only two weeks from the trade deadline.  In addition, some online sportsbooks are already speculating whether this is just an individual case of letting go one person fromt he Twins' team or if it is a foreshadowing of more firings to come.

This is because the Pohlad family has a history of being loyal to their employees and to the team in general and that this mid-season firing came out of nowhere.Bet on Sports at

The only thing Ryan had to say during the press interview is that, "While disappointed we were unable to bring Minnesota a third World Championship, I leave the GM post with immense pride in being part of the Twins organization for the better part of three decades."

Ryan has become an iconic character for low payroll and building up the minor league system.  to put up contending teams. He resigned as general manager of the Twins on October 1, 2007 but returned to his former post on November 7, 2011.

He helped build the Minnesota Twins to one of baseball's strongest farm system and turned the team into one that won four American League Central Championship during his five seasons.

This year, the Twins were hoping to get out of their fourth losing season and this fifth season gave them hope to be be once again a contender but so far, they have been a struggling team and its anybody's guess as to who will become he new General Managers of the Twins.

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