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2016 MLB Trade Deadline Rumors and Speculations

Jay Bruce 2016 MLB Trade Deadline Rumors and SpeculationsIt’s the middle of the summer and it’s that time of the year again where the rumors are already everywhere about the MLB Trade deadlines that will be taking place in less than 2 weeks.

Our staff has been hearing rumors, speculations and hearsay for the last couple of weeks as to who will be going where and one of the big questions around is whether the Chicago Cubs will be major trade deadline players?

The Chicago Cubs management is tight lipped like every other team out there but reading between the lines, some sports handicappers believe that manager Joe Maddon and executives Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein are on the hone looking for a left-handed batter.

In addition, the Cubs could use some young blood in their rotation but one thing is for sure, they won’t be trading Kyle Schwarber according to several interviews.

On the other hand, the Cubs tried their hands at flipping players but failed miserable when they tried trading for Drew Pomeranz with the intention of trading him as part of a bigger deal for a cost-controlled starter.

Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agNow, that this is out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the most popular MLB trade deadline rumors going around at the moment.

It looks like the Dodgers are looking to make a big move with Clayton Kershaw dogged by back issues and Hyun-Jin Ryu on the disabled list there has to be a trade on the horizon.  Some say that they are interested in a Chris Archer trade for possibly, Jake Odorizzi or Drew Smyly.

With their current roster, most online sportsbooks are definitively not going to handicap them high on the list of World Series Champions.

For the Rays, a trade seems possible for a starting pitcher with Alex Cobb's pending return from Tommy John.  Cobb’s rehab has been placed on hold though but he is still dealing with arm fatigue and mechanical trauma.

One player that has been on the trade rumor list for a while is Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds.  Even though so far, he has never been traded the Reds do not have a A team and if they want to acquire a decent roster, they need to trade Bruce before he losses value to other teams.

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