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Chelsea Owner Spent $600 Million with Zero Results this Season

chelsea ownerChelsea owner Todd Boehly spent over $600 million on transfers this season. It was in response to his statement that they were all in a hundred percent when he acquired the team in May 2022.

According to bookie PPH sources, he promised to acquire the best talents and invest in the team for the long run. He did that. However, his investment failed to get positive results. The American billionaire learned how soccer is tricky to master.

Aside from Chelsea, Boehly owns the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Sparks, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Unfortunately, Chelsea suffered a lot this season. According to pay per head sportsbook reports, the team had four managers but had nothing to show for its efforts.

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IGT Expands Betting Platform Reach with Deal with Santa Ana Star Casino Hotel

betting platform reachInternational Game Technology, or IGT, is one of the top gaming suppliers. It recently expanded its betting platform reach with a partnership deal with the Santa Ana Starr Casino Hotel. Also, IGT will power the casino owned by the Pueblo of Santa Ana tribe.

According to bookie pay per head sources, IGT will incorporate its PlaySports platform in the casino. Aside from self-service wagering kiosks, the platform will provide trading advisory services. Also, it will create strategic advantages for the casino.

The new partnership deal will improve the sports wagering operations at the Santa Ana Star Casino. On the other hand, IGT expands the reach of its products and services. It currently serves more than 80 gambling facilities in the US and Canada. They use the PlaySports platform for their sports betting operations.

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Israel Upset Nicaragua in World Baseball Classic

israel upset nicaraguaIsrael attracted much attention when it advanced to the second round of the World Baseball Classic six years ago. It will face a more challenging road this year. However, it hurdled over its first challenge as Israel upset Nicaragua last Sunday.

Israel was down a run in the eighth inning when it got three runs to come from behind and win the game 3-1 in its WBC opener. However, it will face other Pool D teams in the next three days. According to gambling tutorials and news sites, other teams in the group are Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Israel needs two more wins to qualify for the next round.

According to sports betting software reports, Garrett Stubbs was in the box with two outs and the bases loaded. He lined a ball towards the left-center wall, and the ball bounced over it for a ground rule double. As a result, Noah Medlinger and Spencer Horwitz scored on the play.

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Colorado Closer Daniel Bard in Injury List Due to Anxiety

colorado closer daniel bardColorado closer Daniel Bard is part of the team's injury list at the start of the season. The team announced that he is suffering from anxiety issues. Also, Bard said he has things going on outside the game that he must face.

According to sports news reports, Bard was part of Team USA during the World Baseball Classic. However, he suffered from control issues in the WBC. He hit Houston Astros Jose Altuve with a pitch that fractured Altuve's right thumb.

Rockies manager Bud Black said stepping back from the game might be best for Bard. Also, the team will assess the pitcher's condition in a couple of weeks. According to bookie software experts, Bard will travel with the team while on the injury list. However, the team requires him to undergo an injury rehab assignment before rejoining the active roster. The team did not give a timetable for the closer's return.

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Former Employees Suffer as Macau VIP Industry Collapses

macau vip indsutryThe Macau VIP industry is adjusting to a new reality. As a result, over 90 percent of former employees haven't found new jobs yet. According to a sportsbook watchdog, less than ten percent of junket employees returned to work. Also, there are a few junket operators that resumed their operations.

Although thousands of tourists returned to Macau, the junket industry failed to recover to its pre-pandemic numbers. Also, the sector suffered due to the new policies of the local authorities. According to sportsbook pay per head sources, they want Macau to shift away from VIP gambling and turn into a mass-market model. Thus, they want to rebrand the gambling capital into a tourist destination.

Industry insiders noted that most former VIP industry employees want to return to work. They don't have the same financial security as local food delivery personnel or taxi drivers in their new jobs. However, their former jobs wouldn't pay the same at present.

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Impact of the Online Gambling Industry on the Canadian Economy

online gambling industryThe online gambling industry has had a significant impact on the Canadian economy. The sector’s growth created new jobs and opportunities. Also, it provided an additional source of income for provincial governments.

According to sources, the gambling industry employed 14,000 people in 2018. The number of employees went up by 11,000 compared to 2013. Also, the jobs range from developers to customer service representatives.

Developers create cost-efficient sportsbook pay per head apps and other software. As a result, the industry offers competitive salaries that can improve local economies. Mobile gambling brings more players. As a result, the industry is growing at a fast rate.

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Tiger Woods Posted a 67 at the Riviera

tiger woods 67People cheered for Tiger Woods after he finished the round at the Riviera. Although he was far from the lead, people were happy about his results. Although his 67 doesn’t improve his standing, people were cheering for him.

According to pay per head sportsbook sources, it was Woods’ best score on a Saturday in an official golf event since 2019. Also, it is 12 tournaments after he won the 2019 Zozo Championship in Japan. Woods confessed that his legs affected the way he swung the golf club.

Woods shattered the bones in his right ankle and leg during a car crash in 2021. He returned to the professional golf circuit 14 months after the incident and managed to make the cut in the Masters.

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