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Lawmakers Pass Bills to Amend Illinois Sports Betting Law

illinois sports betting lawLawmakers will likely pass two bills to amend the Illinois sports betting law. They focus on in-state college betting and problem gambling. Also, SB 89 and SB 1508 would end up on the desk of Governor JB Pritzker.

According to gambling software reviews and news sites, the two bills focus on preventing problem gambling. Also, it would end the debate on what to do with in-state college wagering. As more gambling products launch in the state, lawmakers try to address the need for a more comprehensive response to problem gambling.

SB 1508 will ensure that underage people caught at gambling venues will not be punished. Instead, sportsbook watchdog in the state will refer them to a treatment facility. The measure gained momentum in the Senate and the House. Thus, it will be apt for Governor Pritzker to decide the bill's fate.

Illinois Sports Betting Law Amendment

According to sportsbook software experts, the new rule requires all legal sportsbooks in the state to update their signs every hour. The law draws inspiration from artificial intelligence (AI) driven technologies now being deployed in other jurisdictions to notify clients of their actual spending patterns in the context of problem gambling.

The law was supported by a 2:1 margin by those voting in favor and a 1:3 margin by those voting against it in both chambers. It is a positive development for the state's regulated gaming scene since it passes a relevant and effective rule without providing a complete reform of the gambling laws.

However, once an hour may be too arbitrary a frequency for push-ups. These alerts might be generated depending on the amount wagered, the frequency of wagers, a rapid uptick in wagering, and other factors to ensure their efficient implementation. It can only be determined through targeted studies of effective methods.

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