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 Latest Online Gambling News

NFL Launches Responsible Gambling Campaign

responsible gambling campaignThe National Football League will spend $6.2 million to fund its responsible gambling campaign. The league wants fans to set betting limits and understand the risks of wagering in football games. Also, the NFL wants people to know where to ask for assistance if they suffer from a gambling problem.

It joins forces with the National Council on Problem Gambling to further develop the gathering's cross-country helpline. Also, the league wants to create new treatment programs and extend existing ones. One of the top gambling software features is to allow players to set limits. However, players don't use the feature.

A three-year exertion will remember for game informing, online media outreach, broadcast, print, and in-arena announcing. Some of it will target excessively youthful individuals to bet lawfully may feel enticed to do so, as per online gambling reviews.

Responsible Gambling Campaign

More than 45 million Americans say they intend to wager on NFL games this year, as per the American Gaming Association, the gambling club industry's public exchange bunch. That is an increment of 36 percent from a year ago.

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NASCAR Partners with Fubo Sportsbook as Official Bookie

nascar partners with fubo sportsbookNASCAR partners with Fubo Sportsbook to become its official gaming operator. The two organizations want to provide racing fans with an engaging and unique betting experience. However, the launch of the new sportsbook is still subject to regulatory approvals.

NASCAR said that Fubo Sportsbook provides it the opportunity to expand the racing organization's reach via a unique sports gambling experience. Also, they don't need to learn how to be a bookie because Fubo will handle the sportsbook for them.

According to bookie pay per head reports, Fubo's innovative approach to sports gambling will bring more excitement to NASCAR fans, whether casual race viewers or hardcore fans. Also, the sportsbook will bring new ways for fans to interact with the sport.

NASCAR Partners with Fubo Sportsbook

The stage will be advanced through a multi-channel advertising effort which is said to use at track resources, in-application utilization of NASCAR-claimed track, series, and occasion imprints and logos, notwithstanding the dissemination of resources across the dashing series' computerized stages and occasions.

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Ryder Cup Captains Worry about COVID-19

ryder cup captainsRyder Cup captains included a coronavirus clause in their agreement. It would cover what they would do if there were a COVID-19 outbreak during the tournament. However, the European Tour and PGA of America would decide the final action in case of emergency.

According to a bookie software report, the coronavirus forced a delay in the holding of the event. As a result, American captain Steve Stricker and Europe's captain Padraig Harrington inserted a coronavirus clause into the captains' agreement.

Each team would have coronavirus envelopes with the names of three players that would sit out in case rivals need to withdraw after a positive COVID-19 test. In addition, according to a bookie pay per head guide, the tournament had an envelope for the Sunday singles matches that contained a player's name to sit if the opponent was injured or ill. Also, the organizers will declare the game halved and will require repairing.

Ryder Cup Captains and the Coronavirus

The COVID name envelop follows the tradition of the injury name in an envelope. Although the captains agreed to it, it is still unclear what the organizers' decisions would be. Foursomes and four-ball matches on Friday and Saturday don't require entire teams. Thus, teams can use substitutes for players not playing.

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Connecticut Sports Betting Rollout Began September 30

connecticut sports betting rolloutThe Connecticut sports betting rollout started on September 30. It was the day when Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino launched their retail sportsbooks. The launch came after the Department of Consumer Protection approved the two casinos' sportsbook licenses.

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribe celebrates the launch of sports wagering in the state. As a result, people can engage in football, basketball, and soccer betting on tribal reservations. Also, they expect the launch to be successful with the ongoing NFL season.

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation aimed to launch online and retail sports wagering during the first week of October. The state lottery and the two tribal casinos worked hard to get their sports betting solutions licenses.

Connecticut Sports Betting Rollout

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and its accomplice DraftKings Inc. declared Wednesday that players would want to put down wagers starting Thursday at the impermanent DraftKings Sportsbook at Foxwoods and wagering booths all through the gambling club. In addition, statewide, off-reservation online games wagering and iGaming are relied upon to be dispatched toward the beginning of October, forthcoming administrative endorsements.

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Bookie Look at the Battle over California Sports Betting

california sports bettingMore than two dozen states have legal sports betting after the Supreme Court overruled the federal ban in 2018. However, California sports betting remains a pipedream for bookies and players in the state.

Native American tribes initiated an effort for the November 2022 ballot that would legalize on-site sports wagering at tribal horseracing tracks and casinos. Nonetheless, different kinds of authorized betting organizations, for example, card rooms, would be precluded from offering sports wagering. Also, the effort approves private lawsuits to implement the law.

According to sportsbook pay per head reviews, card rooms didn't agree with the legalization efforts of the tribes. So, getting together with city authorities, they filed an initiative in August known as California Solutions to Homelessness, Public Education Funding, Affordable Housing, and Reduction of Problem Gambling Act.

California Sports Betting

Cardroom operators called it unreasonable that unlawful operators are procuring countless dollars in benefits from California players. Also, the illegal operators don't pay taxes to support the communities and local economy.

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China’s Casino Crackdown is Part of Quest to Transform Macau

china casino crackdownMany investors were surprised about China’s casino crackdown in Macau. As a result, many foreign investors sold off their casino shares. Also, Beijing’s latest move was part of the quest to transform Macau.

The Chinese government has been trying to control the gambling industry that led to the growth of Macau’s economy. At present, its value is around $24 billion. However, the government didn’t like how casinos became a way for China’s elite to spend their money.

The government tried several ways to curb casino spending. For example, they installed facia-recognition technology in ATMs, limited cash withdrawals, and considered using digital currency. Also, the government is planning to dilute Macau’s dependence on gambling.

China’s Casino Crackdown

In 2019, China released a plan for the Greater Bay Area that included Macau, Hong Kong, and parts of southern China. The goal was to transform Macau into a global tourism and leisure hub. Thus, gamblers’ preferred casinos would turn into traditional Chinese medicine parks, convention centers, and sports stadiums.

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Sunday Soccer Bookie Tips – Premier League Betting Guide

sunday soccer bookie tipsSportsbooks suffered a lot during Super Saturday. However, we have Sunday soccer bookie tips to help players make intelligent picks for the upcoming games.

Celtic are player-friendly. Celtic scored six against St. Mirren with 15 corners. Also, they are part of various lines together with Manchester City, Fulham, Liverpool, Falkirk, and Kelty. Below are our takes on Sunday’s fixtures.

Sunday Soccer Bookie Tips

Arsenal vs. Chelsea – It is the match of the day in the Premier League. According to the best online sportsbook software, it is hard to favor Arsenal after losing to Brentford last weekend. In addition, Mikel Arteta’s team looks directionless. Thus, they might see themselves in the middle of the pack this year. On the other hand, Chelsea added Romelu Lukaku, who will try to overcome the team’s lack of defense.

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