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Handicapping College Teams with Dismissed Player

handicapping college teamsCollege football can’t prevent scandals. Teams kick high-profile players each year for various reasons. We have a sports betting guide on handicapping college teams with dismissed player. First, sports bettors need to determine what the dismissal means to the team and how the public will respond.

The first thing you need to consider is when the dismissal happened. The longer the college team dealt with the situation, the easier the transition. For instance, if the team kicked the player in June, then there will be no panic. However, if the player caused a scandal in October, it can significantly trouble the college football betting industry.

Handicapping College Teams with Player Dismissal

If the bad sports betting news is about the team’s leader, it will significantly impact the scoresheet. First, you need to know how his teammates value him on the field and in the locker room. Although it is easier said than done, you can tell how the team acts and talks about the player. Losing a leader can be bad for the team.

Another thing to consider is if the player missed time before his dismissal from the team. Look at his record and find out how the team played without him in the past. For example, if the player missed several games in the past due to varied reasons, you can check if the team was lost without him or barely missed on the field.

Some NCAA football players get too much hype without actually producing what is expected from them. Before you analyze the impact of the dismissed player, you need to check what the team expects him to do. The public often overcompensates players hyped by the media. Thus, it creates an inaccurate perception of the person.

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