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Do Games Go Under or Over More Often?

under or overIt would be easier to bet on totals if you knew whether games go under or over more often. However, the betting market balances the totals to divide the side 50/50. Therefore, although games go under more often in most sports, it does not provide value to always bet on under.

It is normal to cheer for offensive success and points. Thus, the betting market usually price totals higher than expected. Also, there is a chance that the wagers can win. Some instances include when the game goes to extra periods or a string of late-game scoring.

In the last five years, the NBA has been the only league with more overs than unders. But, according to sports betting software experts, sports are changing, and you need to know the current trend. For example, the average NBA total in 2021 was 220 points. In 2010, the average was 199.

Under or Over?

So, do games go over or under more? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple because it depends on many factors, such as the sport, the league, the teams, the weather, the injuries, the referees, etc.

However, some general trends can be observed. For example, in the NFL, games tend to go over more often than under, especially in recent years when offenses have become more explosive, and rules have favored passing.

In the NBA, games tend to go under more often than over, especially in the playoffs when defenses tighten up, and possessions become more valuable. But, of course, these are just averages, and every game is different, so you should always research and analyze before placing a bet.

Knowing the current trend in overs and unders is something you need to know when becoming a bookie. That way, you can modify your lines. Also, it is vital to balance the totals market if one side is getting more action.

As you can see, becoming an independent bookie is not easy. However, your life will be much better if you use the proper pay per head service.

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