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How to be a Bookie Online

How to be a Bookie OnlineRunning your own sportsbook is a very tempting prospect for people that have ever placed a bet on sports. However, owning a sports betting operation is only dream for most people because of the many obstacles involved in the process.  This is because the traditional way to open a bookie operation involved a lot of work and upfront money.  Today, the process is much simpler and can be achieved by opening an online bookie.  Thus, we answer the questions on How to be a Bookie Online by using the Bookie PPH Method.

The Bookie PPH Option is the most cost efficient method to open an online sportsbook for many obvious reasons.  The main one being the cost of buying gambling software or building one from scratch is easily over $250,000.

Furthermore, when you use start an online bookie from the ground up, they are many other cost involved.  Some of these costs include paying for a lines manager, customer service clerks, physical office, utilities and server cost.


In addition, to starting a bookie from scratch, there is also the white label sportsbook solution.  However, it is expensive because of a $20,000 to $40,000 setup fee in addition to a monthly net revenue fee. This is why the best option is to use a PPH Service like the one offered by

The Bookie Pay Per Head Option

A Bookie Pay Per Head Service is by far the easiest way to open an online sports betting operation from scratch.  This is because a Bookie PPH gives you all of the tools you need from the sportsbook software to a support staff.  In addition, the start-up cost and maintenance cost because you only pay a weekly fee per player.

For example, when you use, one of the best PPH in the industry you only pay $6.50 per player.  In exchange you and your customers get access to a sports betting website, an online casino and a racebook.

If you were to start an online bookie operation with 50 players you would easily pay $500,000 to get started.  However by using a PPH Service like you would only need $2,000 to get started.  In addition, the monthly cost of running a traditional online sportsbook would cost at least $10,000.  By using a Bookie PPH there is not monthly cost as it is included in the weekly fee per player!

How to be a Bookie Online with a Bookie PPH

To reiterate, the best way to be a bookie online is to use a Bookie Pay Per Head Service. To get started, the best Pay Per Head Service all you have to do is:

  1. Go to
  2. Register for an account and within minutes you will be able to get started
  3. Once your account is setup, simply create and manage your players
  4. Your Players can either place their bets on one of their websites or you can choose to have your own personal website.

From there, it’s just a matter of finding more customers and collecting money!

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