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Being a bookie requires a lot of hard work and dedication but the rewards are worth it. However, there are ways to open a sportsbook without having to jump through so many hoops and we will share these tricks with you.  Our sportsbook experts have writting many tutorials on how to be a bookie the fast and easy way from starting from the ground up to improving your sportsbook profits.

Common Sportsbook Operators Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

common sportsbook operators mistakesOperating a bookie business requires dedication and hard work. Although the PPH sportsbook solution does most of the stuff, you still need to take time to monitor player activities and ensure you have enough money to cover wagers. In addition, if you want to become a successful bookie, you need to know the common sportsbook operators mistakes and how you can avoid them.

One mistake can be costly for the bookie business. Unfortunately, most of the common errors are human errors. Also, they have nothing to do with the sportsbook platform. The good news is that you can easily avoid making mistakes.

Nobody’s perfect. However, you can prevent costly mistakes from happening with wisdom and experience. Also, knowing the mistakes can help you avoid making them over time.

Common Sportsbook Operators Mistakes

The first common mistake is offering inaccurate odds. Making this type of mistake can cost the sportsbook a lot of money. Unfortunately, some players look for incorrect odds to beat the bookie. However, it is easy to fix the error. All you need to do is use a PPH solution. Experts developed the algorithm that will ensure you have the best odds at any given time. Also, we recommend reading bookie tutorials so that you’ll know when to balance lines to optimize the sportsbook’s profits.

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Dominate Sportsbook Competition with a Pay Per Head Software

dominate sportsbook competitionOne of the best investments you can make as a bookie is reliable pay per head software. It would be best to put in a lot of effort to become a successful bookie. If you want to dominate sportsbook competition, you need to have a good sportsbook pay per head solution.

You need to know that not all bookie software is the same. Some providers charge expensive fees for each active player. On the other side, providers offer cheap PPH services by sacrificing quality.

The good news is that there are reputable PPH providers, such as According to, Price Per Player offers quality PPH services at an affordable rate. At $5 for every active player, you’ll get all the tools and features needed to run a bookie business.

Dominate Sportsbook Competition

It is a known fact that successful bookies use sportsbook PPH services. They get a sports wagering platform and support without paying a lot of money. Also, the PPH solution comes with player management tools. As a result, you can generate reports to monitor player activities and more.

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Know Your Players | Some Are Lucky-Some Have Skill

A group of bookies from the Caribbean and Costa Rica decided they had had enough, and they wanted a better way to reach their clients. What was happening around them was some stiff competition from online sportsbooks. The bookies were realizing that a few investors had pooled their resources and started what would later become the “online sportsbook craze”.

They were taking the competition because gamblers want to gamble on their time, not the bookies time. With an online sportsbook, the gamblers can do exactly that. They can gamble at 3:00 a.m., or at any time, and from virtually anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

A price is very reasonable if you are getting what you pay for. “Are you getting what you pay for”, is the question that you should be asking yourself. What is a reasonable price, is it $2 per head, what about $5 or $8. Let’s take a quick trip back to the late 1980s when this pay per head phenomena got its start.

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Guide to Becoming an Independent Bookie

becoming an indepedent bookieBecoming an independent bookie today is easy with the help of pay per head solutions. You’ll have all the features and tools you need to run and maintain a successful sportsbook. Therefore, we provide you with a guide on how to become a bookie.

It is challenging to be an independent bookie because you’ll do everything on your own. Also, you compete with big sportsbook companies. So we provide bookie tutorials that can help you run the sports betting platform and make money out of it.

Becoming an Independent Bookie

If you opt to become an independent bookie, you’ll enjoy various advantages. You can offer higher bonuses to attract players. On the downside, you need to ensure you can afford to pay out the rewards.

Also, it would be best if you had sportsbook software to be an independent bookie. Unfortunately, the software is not cheap. It costs thousands of dollars if you buy it. However, the good news is that you can have a sports betting platform for as little as $5 per player.

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Pick the Right One

Bookies across the United States are using the best pay per head services and there are more than a few good reasons for this. Before we talk about the best pay per head services, let’s first talk about the fact that the bookie business in general, has changed.

It has changed drastically over the last 20-years and has changed drastically in the last 5-years. It seems that every 2-3 years, the industry is turned upside down. What drives this change? Gamblers. They want more, they demand more and there are more of them. The industry must reinvent themselves every 2-3 years in order to keep up with demand. Gamblers will come if you supply what they are looking for.

They will spend a pile of cash if you give them the right opportunity to do so. You must be flexible to change and willing to reinvent the wheel every now and then. Good things come to those who are willing to go the extra mile and find a top of the line Pay Per Head.


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Step by Step on a Bookie Journey

Step by Step on a Bookie JourneyWant to become a bookie? It’s a journey, but the only way to grow your passing into a career is to start from the bottom. We’re going to walk through the necessary steps to begin your journey.

Step One - Analyze the Business Opportunity

Have you already spent time analyzing the bookmaking business?

 Here are some of the main things you need to consider if you’re looking to become a bookie.

Time: A small bookie can operate with part-time hours, but you can’t disappear for weeks.

Technology: Do you know what software/technology you need to operate an online bookie?

Market: How do you plan on marketing your sportsbook to find active players?

Money: There are weekly costs bookies need to cover on top of paying out winning players.


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Advantages of Bookie Pay Per Head – PPH Makes Bookie’s Life Easier

advantages of bookie pay per headWhen you start a bookie business, you’ll have control of the entire operation. At the same time, you have more time on your hands. However, being a one-man crew can be tiring. Thus, you need to know the advantages of bookie pay per head solutions and how they can help you with the independent sportsbook.

When becoming a bookie, you need to give what players want. But, also, you need to know about the games and the news. That’s how a PPH solution comes into play. It would reduce your workload and allow you to prioritize marketing the sportsbook.

The benefits of using a PPH solution are endless. However, here are some of the advantages you can get from a pay per head.

Advantages of Bookie Pay Per Head

The first thing you need to know about PPH is the low initial capital required. You only need to pay a small amount for every player each week. Also, PPH services will take care of all the backend operations, including handling financial transactions, updating odds and lines, and customer service.

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