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2015 Wimbledon Betting Preview


2015 Wimbledon Betting PreviewWe are one week away from the start of the 20115 Wimbledon Championships, with the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world beginning on June 29th and running through July 12th. Betting on tennis offers a variety of online sports betting  options, and here we break down the favorites in both the men’s and women’s singles.

If history is any indication, then there are really only four players that have a realistic chance of taking the Men’s Singles Championship at Wimbledon this year. Going back the last 12 years, the Gentlemen’s Final has been won by either Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, or Andy Murray. An in each of the last four years, the runner-up also came from that group.

Of those four, Rafael Nadal has failed to reach the Championship Match in each of the last three years, and he is listed as the longshot in that group with a 12:1 payout. Djokovic is the favorite at even money, while Murray is +250 and Federer is +550.


If you are unfamiliar with moneyline odds, in online sports betting a plus sign in front of a number represents the potential profit for every $100 wagered. Andy Murray being at +250 means that for every $100 wagered, he would return $250 dollars of profit (plus the return of the initial $100 wager).  Thanks to, a sportsbook pay per head provider for the information.

Getting +550 with Federer, who has hoisted the trophy seven times since 2003 and reached the Championship Match last year seems to be the best value on the board. Federer himself feels good about his chances .

On the women’s side, it’s much more open. Serena Williams is listed as a +175 favorite, however she has made just one Championship Match appearance in the last four years – that coming in 2012 when she won it all.

Other notables are Petra Kvitova, who won last year, at +300, and Maria Sharapova at +750. Last year’s runner-up Eugenie Bouchard is a 30:1 underdog.

We’ll preview more online sports betting options next week when the individual matchups and associated odds are released.

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