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Soccer Betting: Best Soccer Players in the World 2015

Best Soccer Players in the World 2015 Picking the best soccer player in the world is like picking the best beer – everyone has their own opinion backed by a solid argument. Most would consider Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi somewhere near the top, as do we.

We give the slight edge to Messi over Ronaldo. He nearly single-handedly led Argentina to the World Cup Final and is unparalleled when going through traffic.

FC Barcelona have overwhelmong sportsbook odds at -175 favorite to win La Liga  this season. Last year, Messi put in 43 goals in 38 league games, as well as 58 goals in 57 appearances overall.


Messi has already scored three goals in three games so far this season, and he is the driving force behind Barcelona being listed as a huge -225 favorite to win in their season opener.

Ronaldo is perhaps the most recognizable soccer star in the world, and he is also the highest-paid soccer player earning 79 million dollars per year between his salary and endorsements.

Real Madrid is the biggest favorite on the board for this weekend’s La Liga action. Ronaldo and company are a -455 favorite at local online sportsbook, with Sporting Gijon returning an 11:1 payout in the case of an improbable upset.

The FIFA award given to the top soccer player in the world has been awarded to either Messi or Ronaldo every year since 2008. Ronaldo won the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2008, then Messi won in 2009. That title has since been changed to the FIFA Ballon D’Or, and Messi won three consecutive years from 2010 through 2012 before Ronaldo took that title the past two years.

While the debate between Messi and Ronaldo can’t be settled easily, there isn’t much argument into who is the best goalkeeper in the world. That goes to Germany’s Manuel Neuer, who has been the epitome of goalkeeping both at Bayern Munich as well as the German National Team, who just won the World Cup. Neuer never seems to make a wrong decision, and his gambles almost always work out to his advantage.

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