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CONCACAF Gold Cup Betting Update

CONCACAF Gold Cup Betting UpdateThe 2015 FIFA Gold Cup is winding down but it didn't stop the action on July 19 when Mexico beat Costa Rica 1-0 and Panama beat Trinidad and Tobago on Penalties.

For those who at an Online Sportsbook, stay tuned for more betting action from the 2015 Concacaf Gold Cup!

We start with a brief recap of the 2nd game which saw the team from Mexico beat the Costa Rica team in the last minute of the 2nd extra time with a Penalty kick to win 1-0 as the game was played at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey USA.

In that game Mexico had many opportunities to score on the Costa Rican team, but the goal that in the end gave them victory at 1-0 was not well deserves as a common opinion, other than that of the fans of Mexico.


That CONCACAF Gold Cup Quarterfinals win on Sunday night that gave Mexico the win in the ultimate minute of the 2nd extra time was made by A. Guardado. Costa Rica’s R. Miller was whistled for a very questionable foul in the penalty zone on Mexico’s O. Peralta as there was only seconds to go before the game would have been decided with penalty kicks.

Mexico actually dominated play in the 2nd half of this game but just could not score a goal until the last moments and that was only with a very questionable penalty kick that led to a goal.  From the side of the online sportsbook this questionable call made them unhappy but on the client side, it was great news for them.

For fans of Costa Rica ,who outnumbered the Mexican fans, it was an outraged and were a large section of the 74,187 fans at the MetLife Stadium, who then bottle and boxes on the field in protest of the questionable penalty call. The penalty call was made as Peralta had leaped to try and make a head shot in front of the goal and it appeared that Costa Rica’s Miller made contact with Peralta and the assistant referee E. Boria on the side actually called the penalty.


In the replay it did not appear that Miller made contact. To date in this Gold Cup both Mexico and Costa Rica were expected to make it to the finals after Costa Rica had a quarterfinal appearance in the last 2015 World Cup. However, both teams struggled and played very sluggish in their group stage and finished 2nd in their group to bring about this quarterfinal match. This is the 3rd consecutive time that Costa Rica lost in the quarterfinals of the FIFA Gold Cup. With the goal by Mexico’s A. Guardado, he sent the 6 time Mexico Champions to the Semifinals where they will take on Panama on Wednesday night the 22nd of July in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the 1st game on Sunday the 19th of July the Panama team managed to tie 1-1 with Trinidad and Tobago, and after 2 extra time periods the game went to Penalties which Panama won the game 6-5 on penalty kicks. This was the 1st game that was played at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday as the goaltender for Panama J. Penedo made a save in the 9th round of the penalty shots and that gave Panama the victory at 6-5 in the penalty kicks after this Quarterfinal game of the Concacaf Gold Cup ended after the 2nd extra time with the score tied at 1 to 1 on Sunday afternoon.

Actually Penedo blocked T&T’s L. Peltier’s shot after the T&T team missed a chance to win it in the 7th round, but D. Cyrus’s kick went over the crossbar and that kept Panama on track. In the regular time of this game L. Tejada scored for Panama in minute 37 of regular time, and in minute 54 of regular time K. Jones scored for Trinidad and Tobago sending the game into overtime at 1-1, and eventually to penalty kicks.

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