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What Makes a Top Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service


What Makes a Top Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

When it comes to starting a sportsbook, a Bookie Pay Per Head Solution is without a doubt the best option. The reason is that they offer the most cost efficient solutions in terms of sports betting software and support and infrastructure.

Since there are so many Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers on the market how do you choose one?  In addition, What Make a Top Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service?

There are several ways to assess the quality of a bookie PPH provider.  Some believe that prices are the biggest factory while others believe that personal preferences should rule. Both are good indicators of a great PPH service but neither is enough to determine the quality of such services.

In fact, the answer lies by rating a combination of the services and products offered by each Bookie PPH companies.  Let’s take a look at the main ingredients necessary for a Top Bookie Pay Per Head Service.


What to Look for in a Top Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Sports Betting Software Sports Betting Software

The Sports betting platform is the most important part of a sportsbook website.  Therefore, the software is also the most important component of a PPH service. You want a software that not only functions correctly but that also offers several options for the players and the agents.

A good PPH service will have software that can let you edit and create odds.  In addition, you want software that is fully automated with manual edit options. In essence, the more flexible the software the better it is.

Player Management

Once you have a solid and reliable sports betting software, you need to manage your players.  Player Management or Risk management is where you keep players from breaking the bank.  This is done by enabling and disabling certain types of betting options for specific players and setting settle alerts that will alert bookies.

In addition, you should be able to set wagering limits for individual players based on your bankroll and their gambling habits.


Start Your Own Internet Sportsbook with

Player Betting Interface

Player Betting Interface

There is nothing worse for a bettor than not being able to easily place a bet.  Whether it is a mobile or a desktop interface, a player should always be able to easily place their wager. Easy navigation is key to keeping players entertained and spending money.


Bookie PPH Features and Options

When it comes to a sportsbook pay per head service, the more features the better.  Not all PPH Services are equal however, you should expect to have at least the following features and options:Customer Service Department, Phone and online wagering, a variety of banking options, and a wide variety of reports from statistics to individual player reports.

In addition, the more gambling options you have the better.

Thus, a good sportsbook pay per head provider will offer on top of sports betting the following: Live in-game betting, Horse betting, an Online casino and a Live Dealer Casino

Price Per Player

35 Cashback 250x250s

Obviously, an important aspect of the Bookie PPH service because it can mean the difference between a profit or a loss.

However, quality should take precedence over the price in certain areas.  For example, paying a couple of extra dollar per player to get the right tools that are necessary for a successful sportsbook is worth it.

On the other hand, paying an extra $10 per player to have access to phone wagering is not worth it. Most PPH services offer phone wagering as part of their package.

One company that fits all of the above criteria is, one of the best Sportsbook PPH Provider in the industry. 

In addition, they go above and beyond the rest of the competition by offering additional options such as the Oracle Network which is designed to create fast profits for the operator.

Want more information about Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers?  Then take a look at our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Reviews.



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