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Victoria, Australia to Ban Sports Betting Ads

Victoria, Australia to Ban Sports Betting AdsVictorian Government in Australia is looking to ban sports betting ads according to Gaming Minister, Marlene Kairouz.  In a recent interview, the State Government is looking to submit a proposal that would ban all sports betting ads that are near schools and in public transportation in Victoria, Australia.

Kariouz said that “What we’re wanting to do is ensure they’re no longer exposed to betting advertisements while they go to and from school each day.” 

A majority of the Australian population supports the ban according to the Gaming ministry as it would also restrict gambling advertisement in places that are frequently used by minors.

No details have been released as to which places would be banned but that they would eventually be worked out during the consultation phase.  According to the latest statistics, sports gambling problems have already cost the community of Victoria between $1.5 billion to $2.8 billion per year.

Another complaint by Victorian Government is that the government is not doing enough to support responsible gambling in Victoria.  In fact, it has only committed $150 million over the past four years while at the same time taken away millions from anti-gambling measures without replacing it.

On the other side of the issue is Matthew Guy who insists that the ban on advertisement alone would not work unless the central government reinvested in the services it had previously cut.  He and several others feel that the number one priority should be for the Federal Government to prohibit sports betting ads on television.

Australia is home to several sports betting shops as well as several online sportsbooks according to several sports betting informational websites.  Some of these sites include, Ladbrokes, Crownbet, and BetFair.

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