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Louisiana Sports Betting Vote Coming Up Soon

new orleans 1630343 640This coming November, Louisiana will be voting on a lot of important things – including the decision on whether they want to allow sports betting in their state or not. Currently, Louisiana has retail and riverboat casinos. They also have horse racing. But the referendum on November 3 could change the landscape of the gambling industry of the state and enable sports betting.

The most recent law on gambling was around 2 years ago, where Louisiana residents voted 47 out of 64 parishes to legalize Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). They are not the only ones with pending referendums on gambling this coming election. They are one of 6 states: Louisiana, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, South Dakota, and Nebraska.


Louisiana Sports Betting Future

Many sportsbook pay per head bookies are already enjoying a large increase in action and profits over the years. The pandemic also highlighted the importance of an easily accessible sports betting market- in the form of online sportsbooks. Gambling industry experts are anticipating that a fully open betting market could bring in up to $300 million annually in tax collection. But a fully-open market means retail sportsbooks in casinos, race tracks, as well as online sports wagering.

The pay per head industry is enjoying a robust online gambling market, dominating the industry, especially as the risks to visiting retail casinos and sportsbooks are still quite high. Of course, Louisiana should be able to expect an actual sports betting market to take a while. Assuming the state passes the referendum, legislation will still have to draft laws to define the scope, the rates, and the limits of their local market.

But the sooner the state can come up with a good sports betting policy, the better. With a market as good as it is now, there is no better time to put up your own sportsbook. In fact, there are some sportsbook pay per head reviews created by experts to help you narrow down your options for a good sportsbook software you can use.


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