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How Gambling in China Saved a Billionaire

Sheldo Adelson and China02/22/2012 – If anyone who is anyone asked about billionaire Sheldon Adelson 4 years ago, they would tell you that he is the American billionaire, owner of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas who went from being worth $28 billion to $3 billion dollars.

Today, he is known as the comeback kid and today is once the cover of Forbes magazine but this time, in a good way.

This is all thanks to his $12 billion investment in four casino projects three years ago on the Chinese island of Macao which is known to many as a gambling haven.

This investment on the part of Adelson has placed him as the biggest foreign investment in Macao and placing his company, Las Vegas Sands at double the value of MGM and Wynn combined!

The most extraordinary feat was that his net value increased in such a short amount of time. We are talking a 3,700% stock increase in 3 years.

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