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Delaware Sports Betting Handle and Revenue Rising

newark 248044 640When we look at year on year data for sports betting this year, the numbers have a huge disparity. Of course, the pandemic is pretty much the culprit. But since sports leagues are trying sustain a regular season, sports betting is on the rise. Not only surviving, but actually thriving. A good example that sportsbook watchdog companies use is Delaware.

The Delaware handle for sports betting for September is $,273,232. This is 145.9% higher than August’s $2,95,634. If we look at the year-on-year data, though, the numbers are lower by 38%. September 2019’s numbers are at $11,839,818. But, as mentioned earlier, its not much of a concern since we are looking at pandemic conditions.

The total sports betting revenue for Delaware for the month of September is $904,450. This is 146% higher than August’s $36,116. The year-on-year revenue is 58% lower than 2019’s $2,159,643.

 Delaware Sports Betting Market

One of the reasons why bookie pay per head analysts believe that the Delaware betting market is doing good, is because of its openness to online gambling. There are only 5 states in the US that allows online gaming- New Jersey, Nevada, Nevada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. Michigan will be joining the list soon, though. The ability of local residents to play and bet on sports online is a huge contributor to better numbers in the betting handle.

With sports betting software company providing support to many bookies, its now easy to find a great sportsbook online that can provide its players with a professional and excitable sports betting experience. Given that the pandemic is still ongoing, its much safer for everyone to stay home and try to do things online- sports betting included.


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