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Colorado Sportsbook Operators Report on the Popularity of Table Tennis among Players

Colorado sportsbook operators are surprised to get millions in wagers on table tennis. Most bettors say that they don’t even know anything about the participants or the tournament. Also, some players said that betting on table tennis is exciting.

According to sportsbook pay per head solutions reports, players wagered $8.8 million on table tennis in March. It was more than twice the bets on MMA. In January, the figure was $11.8 million, which was more than what was wagered on school football games and NHL games that month. Colorado is home to the Avalanche, the current Stanley Cup top pick.

Long after sports got back from a COVID-19 rest, table tennis kept being a bizarre wonder in Colorado. It was the fourth-most bet sport in the state in January, 6th in February and March, and back to fourth in April as per the best sportsbooks in the state.

Colorado Sportsbook Operators and Table Tennis

Certainly, table tennis’ popularity among players is here to stay. Bettors noticed the sport during the start of the pandemic. During that time, most significant sports leagues took a hiatus. However, bettors discovered table tennis, and they didn’t stop betting on it since then.

In May 2020, players in Colorado wagered $6.6 million on table tennis. MMA came in second that month with $1.7 million. When mainstream sports returned, players kept wagering on table tennis games.

One thing that people liked about table tennis is that there’s a match every 15 minutes. Thus, people have many games to wager on. Also, lines change fast that it is hard to get bets in before the odds change.

If you are thinking of starting a bookie business with a sportsbook pay per head under $5, learn about table tennis. Mass media might ignore it, but bettors love wagering on the sport.

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