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Asian Handicap Style Betting is the Future of Betting in America

Asian Handicap Style Betting is the Future of Betting in AmericaEvolution is what makes us stronger and better.  It is evident in all aspects of our daily lives and sports betting, is no exception as can be seen with the increased popularity of Asian Handicap in America. 

Sports bettors are becoming smarter and more informed about betting and they are always looking for that one thing that will give them the winning edge when they place a bet. 

This has in turn led to more people adopting Asian Handicap which is also known as Asian betting and Asian handicap betting style. Look out America because Asian Handicap is the next evolution in sports betting!

Gambling has been around for thousands of year in the history of mankind dating as far back as the stone ages.    The earliest gambling tools were dice-like objects made from animal bones dating back to 40,000 years ago.

One of the earliest forms of sports betting that can be recorded dates back to the time of the roman where the people would bet on chariot races at the coliseum.  In general, the spectators would place bets against each other using an intermediary to hold the wager or use a bookie who would offer odds to the spectators. 

 As sporting events were created and changed, so did the types of betting.  As the sporting event grew more complex, so did the betting which involved point spreads, money lines and so on which is now known as traditional betting.

In the 1980s, UK football (soccer) betting became increasingly more popular, especially amongst people with serious money and especially to the Asian market who had become interested in betting on football (soccer) due to it being broadcasted on an international level.  The creation of Asian Handicap came about to make UK football (soccer) more attractive to Asian gamblers as well as put a damper in the confusion surrounding a draw.  To an Asian bettor, a draw was the stall number of a race horse.

Thus the basic rules of Asian Handicap got rid of the draw by putting a handicap of x.5 as well as adding more advanced features like Quarterball/Split Line Handicap and many other features.

Asian Handicap is now growing in popularity in Europe and has begun to make its way into the heart of U.S. bettors due to the increased popularity in football or Soccer in America and the more attractive odds it offers.  More and more U.S. gamblers are asking their bookies to adopt Asian handicap and sports betting websites like have now become in a sense Asian bookies.

Frank Donavan is a betting expert with over 10 years of sports betting experience and has often been featured in sports betting articles and radio talk shows.  You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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